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List of Papers
Jun Yamada Last modified date:2020.06.13

Lecturer / Science for Biological Information, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Jun Yamada, Chihiro Sato, Kohtarou Konno, Masahiko Watanabe, Shozo Jinno, PSA-NCAM colocalized with cholecystokinin-expressing cells in the hippocampus is involved in mediating antidepressant efficacy, Journal of Neuroscience, 40, 4, 2020.01.
2. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno., Potential link between antidepressant-like effects of ketamine and promotion of adultneurogenesis in the ventral hippocampus of mice., Neuropharmacology, 158, 107710, 2019.12.
3. Jun Yamada, Satomi Nadanaka, Hiroshi Kitagawa, Kosei Takeuchi, Shozo Jinno, Increased synthesis of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan promotes adult hippocampal neurogenesis in response to enriched environment, Journal of Neuroscience, 38, 8496-8513, 2018.10.
4. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Alterations in expression of Cat-315 epitope of perineuronal nets during normal ageing, and its modulation by an open-channel NMDA receptor blocker, memantine., Journal of Comparative Neurology, 525, 9, 2035-2049, 2017.06.
5. Jun Yamada, Jun Hatabe, Kaori Tankyo, Shozo Jinno, Cell type- and region-specific enhancement of adult hippocampal neurogenesis by daidzein in middle-aged female mice., Neuropharmacology, 111, 92-106, 2016.12.
6. Tomohiro Ohgomori, Jun Yamada, Hideyuki Takeuchi, Kenji Kadomatsu, Shozo Jinno, Comparative morphometric analysis of microglia in the spinal cord of SOD1G93A transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., European Journal of Neuroscience, 43, 10, 1340-1351, 2016.01.
7. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Age-related differences in oligodendrogenesis across the dorsal-ventral axis of the mouse hippocampus, Hippocampus, 24, 1017-1029, 2014.04.
8. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, S100A6 (calcyclin) is a novel marker of neural stem cells and astrocyte precursors in the subgranular zone of the adult mouse hippocampus., Hippocampus, 24, 89-101, 2014.01.
9. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Spatio-temporal differences in perineuronal net expression in the mouse hippocampus, with reference to parvalbumin., Neuroscience, 253, 368-379, 2013.09.
10. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Upregulation of calcium binding protein, S100A6, in activated astrocytes is linked to glutamate toxicity, Neuroscience, 226, 119-129, 2012.09.
11. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Alterations in neuronal survival and glial reactions after axotomy by ceftriaxone and minocycline in the mouse hypoglossal nucleus, Neuroscience Letters, 504, 295-300, 2011.10.
12. Jun Yamada, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Shozo Jinno, Differential involvement of perineuronal astrocytes and microglia in synaptic stripping after hypoglossal axotomy, Neuroscience, 182, 1-10, 2011.03.
13. Kayo Terada, Jun Yamada, Yoshinori Hayashi, Zhou Wu, Yasuo Uchiyama, Christoph Peters, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Involvment of cathepsin B in the processing and secretion of Interleukin-1b in chromogranin A-stimulated microglia, Glia, 58,114-124, 2010.01.