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List of Papers
Kudo Shinji Last modified date:2023.01.04

Associate Professor / Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences / Department of Advanced Device Materials / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. Phatchada Santawaja, Shinji Kudo, Atsushi Tahara, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Dissolution of Iron Oxides Highly Loaded in Oxalic Acid Aqueous Solution for a Potential Application in Iron-Making, ISIJ International, 10.2355/isijinternational.ISIJINT-2020-726, 62, 2466-2475, 2022.12.
2. Yasuhiro Saito, Aska Mori, Shinji Kudo, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Hot Strength of Coke Prepared by Briquetting and Carbonization of Lignite, ISIJ International, 10.2355/isijinternational.ISIJINT-2022-143, 62, 2511-2515, 2022.12.
3. Takuya Kiyozumi, Shinji Kudo, Aska Mori, Riku Mizoguchi, Atsushi Tahara, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Synthesis of Oxalate from CO2 and Cesium Carbonate Supported Over Porous Carbon, ISIJ International, 10.2355/isijinternational.ISIJINT-2022-159, 62, 2476-2482, 2022.12.
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5. Fu Wei, Shinji Kudo, Xinyu Wang, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Low Temperature Pyrolysis of Woody Biomass under Steam for Selective Production of Coniferyl Aldehyde, Engineering Sciences Reports, Kyushu University, 44, 22-29, 2022.09.
6. Shinji Kudo, Xin Huang, Sakura Sakai, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Hydrolysis of Anhydrosugars over a Solid Acid Catalyst for Saccharification of Cellulose via Pyrolysis, Key Engineering Materials, 10.4028/p-3800i8, 932, 3-10, 2022.09.
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10. S. Saragai, S. Kudo, J. Sperry, U. P. M. Ashik, S. Asano, J. I. Hayashi, Catalytic deep eutectic solvent for levoglucosenone production by pyrolysis of cellulose, Bioresource Technology, 10.1016/j.biortech.2021.126323, 344, 126323, 2022.01, This work presents the selective production of the versatile bio-based platform levoglucosenone (LGO) using deep eutectic solvents (DESs) as catalysts during cellulose pyrolysis. Among 18 types of DESs examined, those containing p-toluenesulfonic acid as a hydrogen bond donor possessed the requisite thermal stability for use in the pyrolysis of cellulose. When those DESs were combined with cellulose, the pyrolysis temperature could be reduced which led to greater selectivity for LGO, the highest yield being 41.5% on a carbon basis. Because of their thermal stability, the DESs could be recovered from the pyrolysis residue and reused. The DESs recovery reached 97.9% in the pyrolysis at a low temperature with the LGO yield of 14.0%. Thus, DES-assisted cellulose pyrolysis is a promising methodology for LGO production..
11. Qianli Wang, Shinji Kudo, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Hot-Compressed Water Treatment and Subsequent Binderless Hot Pressing for High-Strength Plate Preparation from Rice Husk, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 10.1021/acssuschemeng.1c07877, 10, 1932-1942, 2022.01.
12. T. Liu, X. Gao, A. Z. Mofrad, S. Kudo, S. Asano, J. I. Hayashi, Leaching Char with Acidic Aqueous Phase from Biomass Pyrolysis: Removal of Alkali and Alkaline-Earth Metallic Species and Uptakes of Water-Soluble Organics, Energy & Fuels, 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.1c01889, 35, 12237-1251, 2021.07.
13. Shinji Kudo, Xin Huang, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Catalytic Strategies for Levoglucosenone Production by Pyrolysis of Cellulose and Lignocellulosic Biomass, Energy & Fuels, 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.1c01062, 35, 9809-9824, 2021.05.
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19. Xin Huang, Tianlong Liu, Jingxian Wang, Fu Wei, Jingyu Ran, Shinji Kudo, Selective hydrogenation of levoglucosenone over Pd/C using formic acid as a hydrogen source, Journal of the Energy Institute, 93, 2505-2510, 2020.08.
20. Phatchada Santawaja, Shinji Kudo, Aska Mori, Atsushi Tahara, Shusaku Asano, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, Sustainable Iron-Making Using Oxalic Acid: The Concept, A Brief Review of Key Reactions, and An Experimental Demonstration of the Iron-Making Process, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 8, 13292-13301, 2020.08, Global iron and steel production continues to expand. The iron-making industry is, however, one of the main contributors to global warming due to its reliance on fossil fuel-based high temperature processes. Therefore, alternative green approaches to iron-making are highly desired. Herein, we propose a new concept of iron-making, which consists of a sequence of known reactions: the dissolution of iron from iron ore using oxalic acid to obtain a Fe(III) oxalate aqueous solution, followed by the photochemical reduction of Fe(III) oxalate to Fe(II) oxalate as a solid precipitate, and the pyrolytic reduction of Fe(II) oxalate to metallic iron. By harnessing the chemical characteristics of oxalic acid and iron oxalates, the method is expected to produce high-quality iron at low temperatures. Moreover, the recovery of carbon oxides, generated during iron-making, for the synthesis of oxalic acid enables the iron-making without having carbon in the stoichiometry. The present study explains the key chemical concepts of the process, experimentally demonstrates the iron-making, and discusses the challenges and barriers to industrial application. In the experiment, according to the proposed scheme, three different iron sources were successfully converted into metallic iron. The yield and quality (purity) of the iron product depended on the metallic composition of the feedstock. In the absence of impurity metals, near-complete recovery of pure iron was possible. Alkaline earth and transition metals were identified as impurities that affected process performance and product quality. The iron dissolution needed a relatively long reaction time to achieve sufficient conversion under the conditions employed in this study, rendering it a rate-determining step that influenced overall iron productivity..
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24. U.P.M. Ashik, Hazzim F. Abbas, Faisal Abnisa, Shinji Kudo, Jun-ichiro Hayashi, W.M.A. Wan Daud, Methane decomposition with a minimal catalyst: An optimization study with response surface methodology over Ni/SiO2 nanocatalyst, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45, 14383-14395, 2020.04.
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