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Tero Atsushi Last modified date:2021.06.08

Associate Professor / Division of Applied Mathematics / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Tero Atsushi, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, A ciliate memorizes the geometry of a swimming arena, DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.0155, Volume 13, , issue 118, 1-7, 2016.03, Previous studies on adaptive behaviour in single-celled organisms have given hints to the origin of their memorizing capacity. Here we report evidence that a protozoan ciliate Tetrahymena has the capacity to learn the shape and size of its swimming space. Cells confined in a small water droplet for a short period were found to recapitulate circular swimming trajectories upon release. The diameter of the circular trajectories and their duration reflected the size of the droplet and the period of confinement. We suggest a possible mechanism for this adaptive behaviour based on a Ca2+ channel. In our model, repeated collisions with the walls of a confining droplet result in a slow rise in intracellular calcium that leads to a long-term increase in the reversal frequency of the ciliary beat..
2. Yamaguchi Tatsuya, Akiyama Masakazu, Tero Atsushi, The mathematical model to the spatial adaptation of the circle container of tetrahymena, The impact of applications on mathematics, Lecture note vol. 51, 94-94, 2013.11.
3. Sugiyama Takaaki, Akiyama Masakazu, Tero Atsushi, Modeling of gait transition in quadruped locomotion subject to coupled osillators without switching system, The impact of applications on mathematics, Lecture note vol. 51, 85-85, 2013.11.
4. Qi Ma, Anders Johansson, Tero Atsushi, Toshiyuki Nakagaki, David J. T. Sumpter, Current-reinforced random walks for constructing transport networks, Interface, doi: 10.1098/​rsif.2012.0864, 2013.03.
5. Owaki Dai, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd, Tero Atsushi, Ito Kentaro, Nagasawa Koh, Ishiguro Akio, Simple robot suggests physical interlimb communication is essential for quadruped walking, Interface, doi:10.1098/rsif.2012.0669, 2012.10.
6. Owaki Dai, Ishida Satoshi, Tero Atsushi, Ito Kentaro, Nagasawa Koh, Ishiguro Akio, An Oscillator Model That Enables Motion Stabilization and Motion Exploration by Exploiting Multi-Rhythmicity, Advanced Robotics, Volume 25, 2012.04.