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Kazuhiro Hikami Last modified dateļ¼š2023.11.13

Associate Professor / Division of Analysis / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Kazuhiro Hikami, 3-manifodls and quantum modular forms, AMS spring western virtual sectional meeting: special session "q-series, number theory, and quantum topology", 2022.05.
2. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum invariants, q-series, DAHA, Number Theory, Strings, and Quantum Physics, 2021.06.
3. Kazuhiro Hikami, Braid Group and Cluster Algebra, GeMAT Seminar (Geometric Methods in Algebra and Topology), 2020.07.
4. Kazuhiro Hikami, DAHA and skein algebra on surfaces, Zoom Cluster Seminar, 2020.06.
5. Kazuhiro Hikami, DAHA and skein algebra of surfaces, Quiver Hecke algebra and its applications to topology, 2019.07.
6. Kazuhiro Hikami, On Kauffman bracket skein algebra and DAHA, Volume Conjecture in Tokyo, 2018.08.
7. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum invariants of knots/3-manifolds and modular forms, Trends in Modular Forms, 2017.12.
8. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum Modular Forms I, II, Indefinite Theta Functions and Applications in Physics & Geometry, 2017.06.
9. Kazuhiro Hikami, q-series and quantum invariants, Frontiers in Mathematical Physics, 2017.01.
10. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum Modular Form from Knots and 3-manifolds, Number Theory and Physics, 2016.05.
11. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum Modular Form, Number Theory Seminar, 2016.03.
12. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum Dilogarithm and Quantum Invariant, Quantum Topology Seminar, 2016.03.
13. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum modular forms and quantum invariants, 2015.12.
14. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum modular form from torus knots, Low-Dimensional Topology and Number Theory, 2014.08.
15. Kazuhiro Hikami, (mock) modular form and quantum invariant, Mock Modular Forms and Physics: Black Holes, Moonshine, and Conformal Field Theory, 2014.04.
16. Kazuhiro Hikami, Quantum modular form and quantum invariant, Modular functions and Quadratic forms -- number theoretic delights, 2013.12.
17. Kazuhiro Hikami, Hyperbolic Geometry and Dilogarithm, Quantum Dilogarithm, Modular Double, and Representation Theory (Infinite Analysis 13 Autumn School), 2013.11.
18. Kazuhiro Hikami, Moonshine and N=2/4 Superconformal Algebra, Mock Modular Forms, Moonshine, and String Theory, 2013.08.
19. Kazuhiro Hikami, Mock Theta Functions and Moonshine, Lectures on q-series and Modular Forms, 2013.07.
20. Kazuhiro Hikami, Cluster Algebra and Complex Volume, KIAS Topology Seminar, 2013.07.
21. Kazuhiro Hikami, Cluster Algebra and Complex Volume, Intelligence of Low-dimensional Topology, 2013.05.