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List of Presentations
Hiroko Nishida Last modified date:2021.02.17

Associate Professor / Sound Culture / Art Management / Department of Communication Design Science / Faculty of Design

1. Hiroko NISHIDA, Analytic Possibilities in Neo-Riemannian Theory and Japanese Popular Music, International Musicological Society Regional Association for East Asia (IMSEA) Fifth Biennial Conference, 2019.10.
2. Su Yin Mak, Hiroko Nishida, Daisuke Yokomori, Metaphorical Cognition in the Discourse of Professional String Quartet Rehearsal, 15th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition/ 10th triennial conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, 2018.07.
3. Suyin MAK, Hiroko NISHIDA, Daisuke YOKOMORI, Playing with Metaphors: A Cross-cultural Study of String Quartet Rehearsal Communication in Hong Kong and Japan, Society for Ethnomusicology 62nd Annual Meeting, 2017.10.
4. Hiroko NISHIDA, Daisuke YOKOMORI, Progressivity Management in String Quartet Rehearsals: Stopping/Restarting Playing as Interactional Achievements, 15th International Pragmatics Conference, 2017.07.
5. Hiroko NISHIDA, Questioning Theoretical Robustness: Quasi-Integration of Neo-Riemannian and Schenkerian Theories, EuroMAC 9, 2017.06.
6. Su Yin Mak, 西田紘子(翻訳), 岡千世(通訳), Staging musical structure: methodological interactions between music theory and ethnomusicology in rehearsal analysis, 日本音楽学会西日本支部例会, 2016.07.
7. Hiroko NISHIDA, Legitimacy and Transformation of a Music Theory through the Observation of Other Music, The Second Biennial Conference of the East Asian Regional Association of IMS: Musics in the Shifting the Global Order, 2013.10.