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Shingo Saito Last modified dateļ¼š2024.01.23

Associate Professor / Division for Theoretical Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Shingo Saito, Sum formulas for multiple zeta values and symmetric multiple zeta values, Japan Europe Number Theory Exchange Seminar, 2021.11.
2. , [URL].
3. Shingo Saito, Polynomial generalization of the regularization theorem for multiple zeta values, Taiwan-Japan Joint Workshop on Multiple Zeta Values, 2018.08, [URL].
4. Shingo Saito, Bowman-Bradley type theorems for multiple zeta values and analogues, 80th KPPY Combinatorics Workshop, 2016.12, [URL].
5. SHIMOJO Keiko, Shingo Saito, Literature X Mathematics, ACL(x) 2016: Extra-Disciplinarity, 2016.09, [URL].
6. Shingo Saito, Relations among finite multiple zeta values, Zeta Functions of Several Variables and Applications, 2015.11, [URL].
7. Shingo Saito, Bayesian Approach to Measuring Parameter and Model Risk in Loss Ratio Estimation, Forum "Math-for-Industry" 2013, 2013.11.