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Takeshi Yatabe Last modified date:2024.04.18

Assistant Professor / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Takeshi Yatabe, Kenji Kaneko, Seiji Ogo, C–C Bond Formations Using H2 as an Electron Source, International Joint Symposium 2023 on Synthetic Organic Chemistry, 2024.04.
2. Takeshi Yatabe, Catalytic Oxidation of H2 by Means of a Water-Stable [NiFe]hydrogenase Model Complex, Institute Interest Seminar Series (I2CNER), 2021.10.
3. Takeshi Yatabe, A Future Energy Technology Based on H2 Activation, I2CNER International Workshop 2020, 2020.01.
4. 谷田部 剛史, New Strategy of Artificial Photosynthesis, 第65回錯体化学会討論会, 2016.09.
5. 谷田部 剛史, A Model for the Water-Oxidation and Recovery Systems of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex, Institute Interest Seminar Series (I2CNER), 2014.06.