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Yoshinori Tajiri Last modified date:2024.04.11

Professor / Department of Environmental Changes / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. 穴井 千里, 森木 涼介, 安 ヒョンソン, 山本 裕二, 吉村 由多加, 畠山 唯達, 田尻 義了, 大野 正夫, Archeointensity Study of Yayoi Pottery Excavated from Northern Kyushu using the IZZI Thelleir Method, 日本地球惑星科学連合2022年大会, 2022.05.
2. Tajiri Yoshinori, Study on diffusion of bronze casting technique in the Japanese archipelago.
Positioning of new artifacts excavated from the Japanese archipelago in East Asia.
, The Society for East Asian Archaeology, 2018.06, In this research, with regard to the diffusion of bronze casting technology in East Asia, I will consider using new materials excavated from the Japanese archipelago. In recent years, a soil molds ware discovered from Suku Takauta Site in Kasuga city Fukuoka Prefecture. In addition, stone molds have been found at this site. Traditionally, the bronze casting technique, which is said to have come from the Korean Peninsula, was a technique using stone molds, but this discovery revealed that casting technology using the soil mold was also propagated from the beginning as a result of this discovery. Although the soil mold itself has not been excavated in the Korean Peninsula, the existence of the soil mold has been assumed from the study of the product. Future research should reveal which area of the Korean peninsula the technology has been transmitted. In addition, consideration will be given to the fixing problem of the technology using the soil mold in the Japanese archipelago..
3. Yoshinori Tajiri, The lost of university logo - Example of Kyushu University-, World Archaeological Congress 8, 2016.08.
4. Yoshinori Tajiri, The technology transfer of the Bronze Production-The spread and transformation of the bronze artifacts production technology in the Yayoi period-, Society of East Asian Archaeology5, 2012.06.