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List of Papers
Yoshinori Tajiri Last modified date:2024.04.11

Professor / Department of Environmental Changes / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. The bronze bracelet circle in the Yayoi Period, the northen Kyushu .
2. On the Ceramic object like Mold for Bronze Dagger from Kamigoten site, Takashima-shi, Shiga.
3. Casting technology of the bronze ware in northeastern Asia.
4. Identification of the Origin for Mold Stones, Processing of Mold Material and Distribution in Northern Kyushu in the Yayoi Period.
5. The primary production site of stone moulds for the casting of bronze implements in the Yayoi period.
6. The production of tomoe-shaped bronzes and their distribution in the Yayoi period.
7. A Classificatory and technological study of a stone mold of the tomoe-shaped bronze implement from the Chikushi campus site of Kyushu University.
8. The change and development of the bronze production technology in the northeastern area in China with a focus on the examination of the mold and the T-shaped dagger handle.
9. Owners and uses of Yayoi-Period continental-type small mirrors.