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List of Presentations
Naoyuki Kamiyama Last modified date:2019.12.27

Professor / Division of Advanced Mathematics Technology / Institute of Mathematics for Industry

1. Susumu Kawanaka and Naoyuki Kamiyama, A Note on Testing Substitutability of Weak Preferences, 11th Hungarian-Japanese Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 2019.05.
2. Naoyuki Kamiyama, A New Solution Concept for Earliest Arrival Flows, 3nd IMI-ISM-ZIB MODAL Workshop on Challenges in Real World Data Analytics and High-Performance Optimization, 2018.09.
3. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Mathematical Models for Evacuation Problems based on Dynamic Network Flows, 2nd ISM-ZIB-IMI MODAL Workshop on Mathematical Optimization and Data Analysis, 2017.09.
4. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Submodular Function Minimization with Submodular Set Covering Constraints and Precedence Constraints, 15th Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithm, 2017.09.
5. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Practical Algorithms and Models for Evacuation Problems, 10th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 2017.05.
6. Yosuke Hanawa, Yuya Higashikawa, Naoyuki Kamiyama, Naoki Katoh, and Atsushi Takizawa, The Mixed Evacuation Problem, 10th Annual International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Ap- plications, 2016.12.
7. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Stable Matchings with Ties, Master Preference Lists, and Matroid Constraints, 8th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory, 2015.09.
8. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Matroid Generalizations of the Popular Matching and Condensation Problems with Strict Preferences, 3rd International Workshop on Matching Under Preferences, 2015.04.
9. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Packing Arborescences in Acyclic Temporal Networks, 3rd International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization, 2014.03.
10. Naoyuki Kamiyama, A New Approach to the Pareto Stable Matching Problem, 8th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 2013.06.
11. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Pareto Stability in a Two-sided Matching Market with Indifferences, Forum Math-for-Industry 2012, 2012.10.
12. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Matroid Intersection with Priority Constraints, 21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, 2012.08.
13. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Tamas Fleiner, A Matroid Approach to Stable Matchings with Lower Quotas, 23rd Annual ACM/SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, 2012.01.
14. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Robustness of Minimum Cost Arborescences, 22nd International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, 2011.12.
15. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Submodular Function Minimization under a Submodular Set Covering Constraint, 8th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, 2011.05.
16. Naoyuki Kamiyama, Tomomi Matsui, Approximation Algorithms for Data Association Problem Arising from Multitarget Tracking, 17th Computing: the Australasian Theory Symposium, 2011.01.