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List of Reports
Kato Kazutoshi Last modified dateļ¼š2024.06.03

Professor / Integrated Electronics / Department of Electronics / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Prompt Wavelength Switching of TDA-DFB Lasers by Feedforward Control.
2. Wavelength Stabilization of Tunable Lasers Based on Digital Thermal-drift Canceler.
3. Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Hong Bingzhou, Kitano Takuya, Tajima Akio, Kato Kazutoshi, Hamamoto Kiichi, C-4-6 Photon-Photon Resonance in Active Multimode Interferometer Laser Diode, Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE, Vol.2014, No.1, p.160, 2014.09.
4. C-4-29 Feedforward Controlled TDA-DFB Lasers and its Optical Switching Operation.
5. C-4-28 Feedforward Control for Fast Wavelength Switching at TDA-DFB Laser.
6. C-4-27 Fast Wavelength Stabilization of Tunable Lasers with Combination of FF and FB controls.
7. C-4-22 Prompt Wavelength Switching of TDA-DFB Lasers within 50 ns by Feedforward Control.
8. C-4-21 Optimization of Feedback Control Parameters for Tunable Lasers.
9. C-4-18 Fine wavelength stabilization of the DFB laser at the flexible grid by photo-mixing with reference wavelengths.
10. UDDIN Mohammad Nasir, KIZU Takaaki, HINOKUMA Yasuhiro, BINGZHOU Hong, TAJIMA Akio, KATO Kazutoshi, HAMAMOTO Kiichi, C-3-69 Demonstration of Split Pump Configuration in Active MMI-LD for The Realization of High Intrinsic Modulation Bandwidth, Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference, Vol.2014, No.1, p.224, 2014.03.
11. C-14-11 Low Phase Noise Sub-THz Carrier Generation by Pseudo-Mach-Zehnder Interferometric two-tone optical carriers.
12. C-4-26 Prompt Wavelength Switching of TDA-DFB Lasers by Feedforward and Feedback Control using the wavelength locker equipped in the module.
13. C-4-25 High-speed 400-GHz Wavelength Switching at TDA-DFB Lasers using Feedforward Control.
14. C-4-14 Prototype of coherent THz wave generator based on arrayed UTC-PDs and optical phase shifters.
15. C-3-44 Wavelength Stabilization by Current Control of the DFB Laser within +/- 50MHz using the Beat Signal with Reference Lightwaves.
16. C-14-4 Data Transmission by BPSK-Modulated Carrier Using Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Phase Stabilization System.
17. C-14-3 Power Combining of Coherent THz Waves by Using Photomixer Array and Optical Phase Shifter.
18. C-14-2 An Error-Free Data Transmission of 11 Gbit/s at 100 GHz by Pseudo-Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Phase Stabilization.
19. C-14-10 Low Phase Noise Sub-THz Carrier Generation for Phase Shift Keying by Mach-Zehnder Interferometric two-tone optical carriers Phase Stabilization.
20. C-3-7 Wavelength Stabilization of DFB-LD with High Accuracy and Wide Capture Range.
21. C-3-43 Phase Stabilization System for Low Noise High-Frequency Carrier Generation using an Integrated Planar Lightwave Circuit.
22. C-3-2 Reduction of Wavelength Switching time of Telecom Lasers by Feedforward Control.
23. C-3-19 Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Measurement of Chromatic Dispersion at Photonics Devices.
24. C-3-1 110 ns Prompt Wavelength Switching of Tunable Lasers using the Conventional Wavelength Locker Equipped in the Module.
25. C-14-25 Carrier Frequency Generation by Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Phase Stabilization with Wavelength Selective Filter.
26. C-14-24 Wavelength Stabilization of the DFB Laser by Counting the Frequency of the Beat Signal with Reference Lightwaves.
27. C-14-23 High-Directional-Gain Multi-channel Coherent-THz Wave Combiner Consisting of Photomixer Array.
28. C-14-22 Power Combining of Coherent THz Waves Using Optical Phase Shifter on Planar Lightwave Circuit.
29. Low loss bending structure of the optical waveguide evanescently coupled to a photodetector.
30. Novel method of terahertz-wave beam steering using optical frequency comb and chromatic dispersion at an optical fiber.