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Toshikazu Ono Last modified date:2021.06.23

Associate Professor / Biofunctional Chemistry / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Toshikazu Ono, Design of Multicomponent Crystals for Novel Photofunction Design, 日本化学会第100春季年会, 2020.03, Individual molecules have their own unique characteristics, but hidden properties can be revealed when they are hybridized with other molecules. Interest in the design,
preparation, characterization, and application of co-crystals or multicomponent crystals has grown in crystal engineering and materials science. Here we report a variety of multicomponent molecular crystals that can show remarkable photoluminescence properties..
2. Toshikazu Ono, Design of Multicomponent Molecular Crystals for Light-emitting Materials and Optical Sensors, 日本化学会第100春季年会, 2020.03, In this presentation, we would like to introduce our recent research on light-emitting materials and optical sensors using multicomponent molecular crystals. The methodology involved designing an appropriate π-conjugated dye molecule (electron-accepting or electron-donating compounds) and various co-formers, and comprehensively prepare inclusion crystals, co-crystals, solvates, and organic salts. The design strategy to prepare crystals includes molecular shape and cooperative intra- and inter-molecular interactions such as hydrogen bonds and charge–transfer interactions..
3. Ai Taema, Toshikazu ONo, 小出 太郎, 嶌越 恒, Yoshio Hisaeda, Preparation of Organic Inclusion Crystals with Tunable Properties of Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Emission , 9th Asian Photochemistry Conference (APC2016), 2016.12.
4. Toshikazu ONo, Ai Taema, Yuki Fukuda, Sou Hatanaka, Yoshio Hisaeda, Crystal Engineering of Multicomponent Molecular Puzzles for Novel Photofunction Design, 9th Asian Photochemistry Conference (APC2016), 2016.12.
5. Toshikazu ONO, Yoshio Hisaeda, Muticomponent Molecular Puzzles for Photofunction Design: Flexible Color Tuning and Photofunction and White Light Emission in Cooperative Donor-Acceptor Molecular Crystals , 26th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, 2017.04.
6. Toshikazu Ono, Sou Hatanaka, Yoshio Hisaeda, Creation of Fluorogenic Sensors for Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Supramolecular Porous Hosts, Pacifichem 2015, 2016.12.
7. Toshikazu Ono, Yoshio Hisaeda, Color-tunable Solid-state Emission of Multicomponent Crystals by Cooperative Electron Donor-Acceptor Complexation, Pacifichem 2015, 2016.12.
8. Toshikazu Ono, Yoshio Hisaeda, Highly Emitting Lattice Inclusion Crystals by Supramolecular Approach, 錯体化学会第64回討論会, 2014.09.
9. Yoshio Hisaeda, Shunsuke Yonemura, Kosuke Wakiya, Toshikazu Ono, Hisashi Shimakoshi, Takahiro Masuki, Bioinspired Catalytic Reactions:Lessons from Vitamin B12 Enzymes, ICOMC 2014, 2014.07.
10. Haruka Shimizu, Masaaki Abe, Toshikazu Ono, Hisashi Shimakoshi, Yoshio Hisaeda, Redox-Active Supramolecular Clusters through Tridenate Coordination Linkage:Solid-State Characterisscs and Reactivity, ICOMC 2014, 2014.07.
11. Hiroki Futagawa, Masaaki Abe, Toshikazu Ono, Hisashi Shimakoshi, Yoshio Hisaeda, Synthesis and Characterizations of a New Metalloporphycene with Axially-Coordunated Electropolymerizable Functionalities, ICOMC 2014, 2014.07.
12. 米村 俊佑, 嶌越 恒, 小野 利和, 阿部 正明, 久枝 良雄, Preparation and Reactivity of Visible-light Responsive B12-TiO2 Catalyst Composed of Interfacial Complexartion, Korea-Japan Symposium on Frontier Photoscience (KJFP-2013), 2013.11.
13. 法福 紀之, 嶌越 恒, 小野 利和, 阿部 正明, 久枝 良雄, Synthesis of Vitamin B12-Ru(bby)3 Polymer as Visible Light Driving Catalyst, Korea-Japan Symposium on Frontier Photoscience (KJFP-2013), 2013.11.
14. 池上 篤志, 阿部 正明, 小野 利和, 嶌越 恒, 久枝 良雄, Synthesis of Oxo-Centered Heterometalic Clucters Decorated by Four Porphyrincarboxylato Ligands, 錯体化学会第63回討論会, 2013.11.