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List of Books
Masanori Yamada Last modified date:2022.06.28

Associate Professor / Division for Theoretical Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Yamada, M & Kitamura, S.,White, B., King, I., Tsang, P., Social Media Tools and Platforms in Learning Environments: Present and Future, Springer, 担当箇所:Yamada, M & Kitamura, S. (2011) The Role of Social Presence in Interactive Learning with Social Software, 325-335, 2011.10.
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3. Yamada, M & Goda, Y.,Jiyou Jia, Educational Stages and Interactive Learning: From Kindergarden to Workplace Training, IGI Global, 担当箇所:Yamada, M & Goda, Y. (2012) Application of Social Presence Principles to CSCL Design for Quality Interactions, 31-48, 2012.04.
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