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Naoto Haruyama Last modified date:2021.11.16

Associate Professor / Division of Oral Health, Growth and Development / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Cho A, Haruyama N, and Kulkarni AB, Current Protocols in Cell Biology., John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , Generation of transgenic mice. Chapter 19: Unit 19.11., 2009.03.
2. Haruyama N, Cho A, and Kulkarni AB., Current Protocols in Cell Biology, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , Overview: engineering transgenic constructs and mice. Chapter 19: Unit 19.10., 2009.03.
3. Haruyama N, Hatakeyama J, Hatakeyama Y, Gibson CW, Kulkarni AB., M. Goldberg Ed., Amelogenins: multifaceted proteins for dental and bone formation and repair., Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., Lessons from the amelogenin knockout mice. Chapter3, pp. 25-31, 2010.12.