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List of Papers
Junko Miyata Last modified date:2021.05.28

Lecturer / Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Taguchi T, Masumoto K, Ieiri S, Nakatsuji T, Akiyoshi J, New classification of hypoganglionosis: congenital and acquired hypogangtionosis, JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY, 10.1016/j.jpedsurg.2006.08.004, 41, 12, 2046-2051, 2006.12.
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4. Ieiri S, Higashi M, Teshiba R, Saeki I, Esumi G, Akiyoshi J, Nakatsuji T, Taguchi T, Clinical features of Hirschsprung’s disease associated with Down’s syndrome: A 30-year retrospective nationwide survey in Japan, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 2009.12.
5. Ieiri S, Nakatsuji T, Higashi M, Akiyoshi J, Uemura M, Konishi K, Onimaru M, Ohuchida K, Hong J, Tomikawa M, Tanoue K, Hashizume M, Taguchi T, Effectiveness of basic endoscopic surgical skill training for pediatric surgeons, 2021.05.
6. Ieiri S, Nakatsuji T, Akiyoshi J, Higashi M, Suita S, Taguchi T, Long-term outcomes and the quality of life of Hirschsprung disease in adolescents who have reached 18 years or older-a 47-year single-institute experience, JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC SURGERY, 10.1016/j.jpedsurg.2010.08.040, 45, 12, 2398-2402, 2010.12.
7. Budianto IR, Obata S, Kinoshita Y, Yoshimaru K, Yanagi Y, Miyata J, Nagata K, Ieiri S, Taguchi T, Reevaluation of Acetylcholinesterase Staining for the Diagnosis of Hirschsprung Disease and Allied Disorders, JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY AND NUTRITION, 10.1097/MPG.0000000000000664, 60, 5, 606-612, 2015.05.
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10. Akiyoshi J, Ieiri S, Nakatsuji T, Taguchi T, Mechanism of Rho-kinase-mediated Ca2+-independent contraction in aganglionic smooth muscle in a rat model of Hirschsprung’s disease, Pediatr Surg Int , 25, 11, 955-960, 2009.11.
11. Akiyoshi J, Ieiri S, Nakatsuji T, Taguchi T, Direct vasodilative effect of FK506 on porcine mesenteric artery in small bowel transplantation, J Pediatr Surg , 44, 12, 2322-2326, 2009.12.