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Andrew Allen Painter Last modified date:2019.11.07

Associate Professor / English Education / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Andrew A. Painter, “Media, Communication, and Intercultural Understanding.”, Kyushu University Dept. of Languages and Cultures Open Lecture Series., 2017.06.
2. Andrew Allen Painter, Notes on the Study of Communication and New Media, Kyushu University Debate Society, 2016.02, This talk presented a history of communication studies and new approaches to media studies
based on the authors own original research on electronic media. .
3. Andrew A. Painter, The Production of Japanese Television and Culture., University of Washington Open Seminar, 1991.10.
4. Andrew A. Painter, “Culture, Consensus, and Japanese Television: An Ethnographic Approach.”, American Anthropological Association, 1990.12.
5. Andrew Painter, “Afternoon Television and Japanese Culture.” , Toho Gakkai, 1989.04.