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List of Papers
Andrew Allen Painter Last modified date:2021.07.04

Associate Professor / English Education / Department of Linguistic Environment / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. Andrew Painter, Applying Problem Based Learning and Team Based Learning to University Level English Instruction in Japan: Notes on Theory and Practice, Studies in English Language and Literature, 68, 107-118, 2018.04.
2. Andrew A. Painter, 3/1998: On the Visual Anthropology of Cities. Lead article in the “Journal for Cultural and Environmental Studies”, Kobe-Yamate University, Kobe, Japan.
, “Journal for Cultural and Environmental Studies”, Kobe-Yamate University, Kobe, Japan., 1998.03.
3. Andrew A. Painter, The Telerepresentation of Gender in Japan. , 1996.02.
4. Andrew A. Painter, 12/1996: Japanese Daytime Television, Popular Culture and Ideology., Chapter in Contemporary Japan and Popular Culture (Consumasian Book Series). Edited by John W. Treat. Univ. of Hawaii Press. , 1996.12.
5. Andrew A. Painter, On the Anthropology of Television: A Perspective from Japan. , Visual Anthropology Review. Vol. 10:1, Spring 1994, 10:1, 1994.04.
6. Andrew A. Painter, The Production of Japanese Television and Culture: An Anthropological Approach., The Journal of Japanese Studies, Spring 1993, 1993.04.
7. Andrew A. Painter; Hiroshi Matsuyama (YTV), The Japanese Experience of the Olympics., Special publication of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)., 1992.09.