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List of Papers
Takeshi Miyazaki Last modified date:2021.06.28

Professor / Policy Analysis / Department of Economic Engineering / Faculty of Economics

1. Takeshi Miyazaki, Economies of Scope and Local Government Expenditure: Evidence from Creation of Specially Authorized Cities in Japan, Sustainability,, 13, 5, 2684, 2021.03, [URL], 本研究は、日本の地方自治体の歳出に範囲の経済があるのかを特別な権限が委譲されたケースを用いて推計した研究である。市町村パネルデータを用いた推計から、中核市への移行は当初歳出を増大させるが、その後徐々に減少し、移行後5年で範囲の経済により歳出が当初よりも減少することがわかった。.
2. Takeshi Miyazaki; Shingo Nagamatsu, Estimation of the Fiscal Impact on Japanese Governments of the Anticipated Nankai Trough Megathrust Earthquake, Journal of Disaster Research, 2020.06.
3. Takeshi Miyazaki, Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers and Tax Efforts: Regression-Discontinuity Analysis for Japanese Local Governments, Regional Science and Urban Economics,, 2020.06, 本研究は、地方法人税の法人税割における超過課税の設定において、地方交付税の交付団体となるかどうかが、市町村の超過課税インセンティブに与える影響を分析している。理論モデルから仮説を導き、実証分析でも地方交付税の対象になるかどうかが、市町村の超過課税インセンティブに有意に影響を及ぼしていることを示している。.
4. Miyazaki, T., R. Ohtani, T. Ohno, T. Takasugi and T. Yamada, Estimating the Mitigation Effect of Tokai Earthquake Measures on Housing Damage: A Counterfactual Approach, Disaster,, 43, 1, 181-205, 2019.03.
5. Takeshi Miyazaki, Yukinobu Kitamura, and Taro Ohno, Income Tax Reforms and Redistribution by Age Group: Evidence from Japan, Japanese Economic Review, 70, 1, 105-122, 2019.03.
6. Takeshi Miyazaki, Regional Inequality in Fiscal Capacity and Allocation of Tax Sources: Do Local Allocation Taxes Correct the Inequality?, Public Policy Review, 14, 2, 347-367, 2018.03.
7. Takeshi Miyazaki and Motohiro Sato, Empirical Studies on Strategic Interaction among Municipality Governments over Disaster Waste after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 44, 26-38, 2017.02.
8. Takeshi Miyazaki, Examining the Relationship between Municipal Consolidation and Cost Reduction: An Instrumental Variable Approach, Applied Economics, 50, 10, 1108-1121, 2017.08.
9. Takeshi Miyazaki, Measurement of Redistributive Effect of Tax Rates from a Longitudinal Perspective: An Application of the Fixed Taxable Income Approach, Applied Economics Letters, 23, 8, 588-591, 2015.09.
10. Takeshi Miyazaki, “Incentives in Public and Privatized Firms under Incomplete Contracting Situations”, Theoretical Economics Letters, 2, 323-329, 2012.07.
11. Yukinobu Kitamura, Takeshi Miyazaki, “Marriage Promotion Policies and Regional Differences in Marriage”, The Japanese Economy, vol.38, no.1, 3-39, 2011.04.