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List of Papers
HIROKO KINOSHITA Last modified date:2020.11.04

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Dai Yamao, A Quantitative Text Analysis on Mobilization of the Electorate by Islamist Parties during the 2018 Iraqi Parliamentary Election, International Conference of Global Risk, Security and Ethnicity (IPSA RC44), 2019.08.
2. Hiroko Kinoshita, The Needs of Students in Saudi Arabia Seeking to Study in Japan: A Poll-Survey Analysis, International Journal of Higher Education, 8, 4, 145-152, 2019.07.
3. GOULART FERREIRA VICTOR MAURO, MAHDIPOUR FARHAD, 木下 博子, POKHAREL RAMESH KUMAR, A Model of Knowledge Transfer from Japan to Egypt: A Case Study of E-JUST, World Engineering Conference and Convention 2015 , 2015.12.
4. HIROKO KINOSHITA, “The Networks and Activities of al-Azhar Graduates in Contemporary Indonesia”, Contemporary Indonesia” Kyoto-Cornell Joint International Workshop on Trans-national Southeast Asia: Paradigms, Histories, Vectors (Kyoto University 11 January), 67-98, 2013.04.
5. HIROKO KINOSHITA, “Discovering the Diversities of Indonesian Islam in Contemporary Cairo: The Case of the Indonesian Azharis’ Community,”, 3, 1, 79-99, 2010.09.