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Chihiro Hiramatsu Last modified date:2021.04.14

Associate Professor / Physiological Anthropology / Department of Human Science / Faculty of Design

1. A. D. Melin, C. Hiramatsu, L. M. Fedigan, C. Schaffner, F. Aureli and S. Kawamura, Evolutionary Biology: Mechanisms and Trends, Chapter 13 Polymorphism and adaptation of primate color vision, Springer, 2012.12.
2. S. Kawamura, C. Hiramatsu, A. D. Melin, C. Schaffner, F. Aureli and L. M. Fedigan, Post-Genome Biology of Primates, Chapter 7 Polymorphic Color Vision in Primates: Evolutionary Considerations, Springer, 2011.12.