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List of Presentations
Kazumitsu Maehara Last modified date:2021.11.15

Assistant Professor / Research Center for Transomics Medicine / Medical Institute of Bioregulation

1. Kazumitsu Maehara, Towards extracting chromatin dynamics from single-cell measurements, 第45回日本分子生物学会年会, 2019.12.
2. Kazumitsu Maehara, Immunofluorescence-based Epigenomic Profiling Technology, 2018 Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), 2018.09.
3. Kazumitsu Maehara, Myogenic Chromatin Structure Is Formed with the Histone H3 Variant H3mm7, Muscle Development, Regeneration and Disease 2018, 2018.04.
4. Kazumitsu Maehara, Novel Histone H3 Variant, H3mm7, Regulates Skeletal Muscle Differentiation , 2016 Keystone Symposia Conference, 2016.03.
5. 前原 一満, Exploring nucleosome positioning patterns act as a functional component of chromatin structure, EMBO Workshop Histone variants, 2014.06.