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Ohashi Hiroshi Last modified dateļ¼š2023.06.09

Professor / Division for Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Hiroshi Ohashi, Q-LEAP at Kyushu University, The 32nd Annual Conference of JACET Kyushu-Okinawa Chapter, 2021.10, [URL].
2. Construal of Native Speakers of English.
3. Wolanski, Bartosz and Hiroshi Ohashi, Kyushu University Self-Access Learning Center: Supporting Autonomous English Language Learning in a Higher Education Setting, The 57th JACET International Convention, 2018.08.
4. Hiroshi Ohashi, From Concession to Topic Shift: The Case of 'Having Said That' , The 15th International Pragmatic Conference, 2017.07.
5. Li Huiyong, Tsuchiya Tomonori, Suehiro Daiki, Taniguchi Yuta, Shimada Atsushi, Suzuki Yubun, Ohashi Hiroshi, Ogata Hiroaki, Behavioral Analysis and Visualization on Learning Logs from the CALL Course, The 31st Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2017.05.
6. Hiroshi Ohashi, Concessive constructions and the development of discourse management function, New Directions in Pragmatic Research: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective, 2017.03.
7. Symposium Entitled "Recapturing Language Change from the Inside and Outside of Cognitive Linguistics" hosted by the Center for Asia and Pacific Studies of Seikei University, [URL].
8. Obligatory Adjuncts.
9. Cognitive Linguistics and Language Change: Using Data from Corpus, [URL].
10. Change from a Noun Phrase to an Adverbial Phrase: The Case of "Big Time".
11. A frequency-based analysis of the change in English intensifier phrases.
12. Change to concession and change from concession, [URL].
13. Ohashi Hiroshi, Category Change and Constructionalization in the Development of an English Intensifier Phrase, The 8th International Conference on Construction Grammar, 2014.09.
14. Ohashi Hiroshi, On "having said that": A usage-based analysis,, The UK Cognitive Linguistics Association, 2014.07.
15. Ohashi Hiroshi, Grammaticalization and subjectification in English Intensifiers, The 12th International Cognitive Linguisitics Conference, 2013.07.
16. To Write "Natural" English.
17. Hiroshi Ohashi, Concessivity and Intersubjectification: The Case of and English Intensifier Phrase, International Cognitive Linguistic Conference, 2011.07.
18. The Development of an English Intensifier and (Inter-)Subjectification.
19. Non-specific Reference and its Semantic and Pragmatic Constraints.
20. Hiroshi Ohashi, Epistemic Conditionals in English and Japanese, 2nd UK Cognitive Linguistic Society Conference, 2007.08.
21. Hiroshi Ohashi, Category Shift and Subjectification: The Case of an English Intensifying Phrase, 9th International Cognitive Linguistic Conference, 2005.10.
22. Subjectification and Context: The Case of an English Intensifier Phrase.
23. Hiroshi Ohashi, On the You Can V All You Like Construction, 8th International Cognitive Linguistic Conference, 2003.07.