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Ohashi Hiroshi Last modified date:2023.06.09

Professor / Division for Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Another look at "big time".
2. Category Shift and Frequency: The Case of 'Big Time'.
3. Notes on "having said that".
4. The polysemy of the Japanese adverb "daitai".
5. The development of an intensifier phrase "big time".
6. The development of intensifiers and (inter-)Subjectivity.
7. Hiroshi Ohashi, Semantic and Pragmatic Constraints on Nonspecific Reference in English, 英文学研究 支部統合号, 3, 557-578, 2011.01.
8. Hiroshi Ohashi, Pragmatic Factors in Grammaticalization: The Case of Intensifiers, 日本認知言語学会論文集, 8, 658-661, 2009.05.
9. Hiroshi Ohashi, Why Don’t They Bury You in the Prairie?: Notes on Conceptualization and the Selection of Prepositions in English, 九大英文学, 50, 281-298, 2008.03.
10. Hiroshi Ohashi, Semantic Change in English Intensifiers That Have Developed from a Prepositional Phrase and a Noun Phrase, 産業医科大学雑誌, 29, 4, 391-406, 2007.12.
11. Hiroshi Ohashi, The Development of an English Intensifier Phrase: A Corpus-based Study, 日本英語学会, 23, 2, 303-432, 2006.11.
12. Conditionals in Japanese and English That Express Conclusion.
13. Discourse Referents in Mental Spaces: The Case of Non-Specific Reference.
14. On Conditional-Clauses and Reason-Clauses.
15. 大橋 浩, Notes on If, So and If So, 言語学からの眺望, 203-217, 1995.08.
16. 大橋 浩, Reason Since-Clauses Modified by Especially-Type Adverbials, 産業医科大学雑誌, 15, 1, 45-52, 1995.03.
17. Conditional-Clauses and Reason-Clauses in English "Emphatic" Constructions.
18. Counterfactual Conditionals in the Mental Spaces Theory and the Relevance Theory.
19. Modality in English Adverbial Clauses.
20. Hiroshi Ohashi, Modality and Tag Questions, 英語と英米文学, 20, 89-106, 1985.10.
21. A Thought on Irony by Repetition.