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List of Presentations
Soji Shimizu Last modified date:2022.05.02

Associate Professor / Department of Applied Chemistry / Faculty of Engineering

1. Jiping Hao, Shigeki Mori, Hiroyuki Furuta, Soji Shimizu, Synthesis of tetraaryl-substituted 5,15-dioxaporphyrin and its oxidation to the aromatic dication, 日本化学会 第102春季年会, 2022.03.
2. Yitong Wang, Shigeki Mori, Hiroyuki Furuta, Soji Shimizu, Synthesis and Optical Properties of Donor-Acceptor-Donor Pyrrolopyrrole aza-BODIPYs, 日本化学会 第102春季年会, 2022.03.
3. Soji Shimizu, Antiaromatic 5,15-Dioxaporphyrin and Its Redox Behaviors, 11th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-11) Virtual Meeting, 2022.07.
4. Yuto Kage, Hideaki Karasaki, Shigeki Mori, Seongsoo Kang, Dongho Kim, Hiroyuki Furuta, Soji Shimizu, Pyrrolopyrrole aza-BODIPYs Bearing Electron-Donating Amino Substituents as NIR Fluorophore, 日本化学会第100春季年会, 2020.03.
5. Akihide Nishiyamai, Heike Fliegl, Hiroyuki Furuta, Soji Shimizu, Rational Synthesis of 5,15-Dioxaporphyrin and its Antiaromatic Properties, The 13th International Symposium on Organic Reactions, 2018.11.
6. Soji Shimizu, TTF-Annulated Subphthalocyanins and their Redox-Responsive Behaviors, 10th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-10), 2018.07.
7. Soji Shimizu, Masaya Fukuda, Hiroyuki Furuta, Synthesis of N-Confused Porphyrin-aza-Dipyrrin Hybrid and its Metal Complexes, The 3rd International Symposium on π-System Figuration, 2017.01.
8. Soji Shimizu, Koya Uchihara, Hiroyuku Furuta, Supramolecular Polymer Formation of TTF-Annulated Subphthalocyanine, The 2nd International Symposium on Polymeric Materials Based on Element-Blocks, 2017.01.
9. Soji Shimizu, Design and Creation of Novel Porphyrinoids Based on the Structure-Property Relationship, Ninth International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 2016.07.
10. Soji Shimizu, Synthesis of Novel aza-BODIPY Analogues from Lactams and Their Intriguing Optical and Electrochemical Properties, Symposium of Fluoro-Boron-Silicon Dyes, 2016.07.