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hayashi katsuhiko Last modified date:2021.07.13

Professor / Department of Stem Cell Biology and Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Nagamatsu G, Hayashi K, Stem cells, in vitro gametogenesis and male fertility., Reproduction, 10.1530, 2017.06.
2. Esfandiari F, Mashinchian O, Ashtiani MK, Ghanian MH, Hayashi K, Saei AA, Mahmoudi M, Baharvand H*., Possibilities in Germ Cell Research: An Engineering Insight., Trends Biotechnol, 10.1016, 2015.06.
3. Hayashi K, Saitou M., Perspectives of germ cell development in vitro in mammals., Anim Sci J.2014, 2014.06.