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List of Presentations
Takeshi ONIMARU Last modified date:2023.09.08

Professor / Department of Social Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Takeshi Onimaru, A Tale of Three Cities: Comparative Study on Maritime Port Cities as an Arena for Asian Revolutionary Movements, The 4th Asian Association of World Historians Congress, 2019.01.
2. Takeshi Onimaru, Maritime Port Cities as an Arena for Transnational Communist Underground in Asia, Osaka-NTU Global History Workshop on Changing Dynamics and Mechanisms of Maritime Asia in Comparative Perspectives, 2018.01.
3. Onimaru Takeshi, Policing Colonial Singapore, Constructing Colonial Modern: Public Health, Education, and Policing, 2017.12.
4. Onimaru Takeshi, (Dream of) Prevention and Control: Public Health, Policing, and Colonial State in Asia, International Workshop on Comparative Colonial State Formation, 2017.11.
5. Onimaru Takeshi, Financing Modern State Building under the Colonial Setting, JSPS Emerging State Project Workshop 2017 , 2017.01.
6. Onimaru Takeshi, How can we improve the "Global Health Governance" in Asia?, International Symposium on “Toward Building the Global Health Governance in East Asia”, 2017.01.
7. Onimaru Takeshi, Sun Yat-sen and the Revolutionary Networks in East and Southeast Asia in the 1920s and 30s , Dr. Sun Yat-sen's International Legacy and Inspirations for the Future, 2016.10.
8. Onimaru Takeshi, Surveillance and the Colonial State: State Surveillance in Colonial
Singapore from the late 19th century to the early 20th century
, JSPS Emerging State Project International Workshop on State and Surveillance: Comparative Colonial State Formation in Southeast Asia, 2016.08.
9. Onimaru Takeshi, Emerging States in Europe and Asia from Historical Perspective, Emerging State Project International Workshop in 2016, 2016.03.
10. Onimaru Takeshi, The Genesis of "Surveillance State"?: State Surveillance in Colonial Singapore in 1920s and 30s, SEASIA 2015 Conference, 2015.12.
11. Onimaru Takeshi, Financing Colonial State Formation: Revenue and Policing in 19th century Singapore and Hong Kong, ESP Worksghop on State & Development in Emerging Countries, 2015.05.
12. Onimaru Takeshi, State Formation and Resources: From Comparative and Historical Perspectives, 新学術領域研究計画研究「新興国の台頭による世界/地域秩序の変容と国家形成・建設の比較研究」研究会, 2015.03.
13. Onimaru Takeshi, "Comparative State Formation", 政策研究大学院大学グローバルCOEプログラム主催ワークショップ「国家建設と経済発展」, 2012.03.
14. Onimaru Takeshi, “Shanghai as an Arena of Political Underground in Asia”, International Workshop on “Sites of Modernity: Asian Cities and their Evolution Through Trade, Colonialism, and Nationalism”, 2011.07.
15. Onimaru Takeshi, “Political and Administrative Issues for Disaster Management: Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake”, NEAT Working Group Meeting on “Regional Cooperation on Disaster Management in East Asia”, 2011.07.
16. Onimaru Takeshi, “Shanghai Connection: How the communist network in East and Southeast Asia was constructed, maintained, and collapsed?”, 政策研究大学院大学GCOEプログラム「東アジアの開発経験と国家建設の適用可能性」国際ワークショップ “Political Networks in Asia” , 2010.05.
17. Onimaru Takeshi, “Infectious Diseases as Human Security Issues: Political, Economical and Social Approach”, ASEAN-ISIS JICA Project “Mainstreaming Human Security in ASEAN Integration” Inception Meeting, 2010.04.
18. Onimaru Takeshi, “Identifying ‘Agents’ in Asia: The Political Intelligence Services, the Passport Control System, and the Communist International in Asia in the 1920s and 1930s”, Public Conference: “Identifying the Person: Past, Present, and Future”, 2009.09.
19. Onimaru Takeshi, “Shanghai Connection: The Communist Network in East and Southeast Asia in the 1920s and 1930s”, The 33rd Southeast Asia Seminar on “Region” and Regional Perspectives on/from Southeast Asia, 2009.09.
20. Onimaru Takeshi, “Infectious Diseases as Security Issues – Current Situation and Problems in Southeast Asia – “, International Conference on Institution Building in Asia for Peace and Development: Workshop: “Global Economic Crisis and Institution Building in East Asia for Peace and Development”, 2009.08.
21. Onimaru Takeshi, “Shanghai: The Regional Centre of the Communist Network in East and Southeast Asia in the 1920s and 1930s”, The First Congress of the Asian Association of World Historians (Osaka), Session “Colonial and Imperial Cities in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Approaches from the "Peripheries"”, 2009.05.
22. Onimaru Takeshi, “Communist Network in East and Southeast Asia during 1920s and 30s”, 政策研究大学院大学GCOEプログラム「東アジアの開発経験と国家建設の適用可能性」国際ワークショップ “Political Networks in Asia”, 2009.02.
23. Onimaru Takeshi, “Some Reflections from East and Southeast Asian Cases”, Workshop one of the academic network ‘The Documentation of Individual Identity: Historical, Comparative and Transnational Perspectives since 1500’, “Themes and Tasks in the History of Identification”, 2008.09.
24. Onimaru Takeshi, "What we try to do in “Political Network in Asia”?", タマサート大学・京都大学東南アジア研究所 拠点プログラムならびにグローバルCOEプログラム「生存基盤持続型の発展を目指す地域研究拠点」共催 国際ワークショップ「Private Faces of Power and Institutions in Southeast Asia」, 2007.12.
25. Onimaru Takeshi, "What can we do to contain avian flu?", The Meeting of the NEAT Working Group on “Overall Architecture of Community Building in East Asia” Promoting Regional Cooperation for Non-Traditional Security Issues, 2007.06.
26. Onimaru Takeshi, "Noulens and the Shanghai Comintern Network", JSPS-NRCT Core University Program Workshop on Middle Classes and on Flows and Movements in East Asia, 2004.10.