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Jun Maki Last modified dateļ¼š2023.06.12

Lecturer / Intensive Care Unit / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Jun Maki, Asami Ikeda, Tsukasa Shimauchi, Kentaro Tokuda , Yuji Karashima, Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome Diagnosed After Post Caesarian Section Atonic Hemorrhage, Anesthesiology 2018, 2018.10, A 39 years old primipara underwent a caesarian section because of arrested labor. After delivery, she suffered from atonic hemorrhage and needed massive blood transfusion. In the ICU, Nicardipine was administered to treat hypertension. After extubation, she complained of visual abnormality. MRI finding showed T2-FLAIR hyperintensities in bilateral occipital lobes, suggesting posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES). Her blood pressure was tightly controlled, and visual abnormality was improved in a week.Although PRES associated with hypertensive disorder of pregnancy has been reported, PRES developed in perioperative period is rare and difficult to recognize..