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List of Presentations
Masaru Tanaka Last modified date:2022.06.22

Professor / Soft-materials chemistry / Department of Soft Materials Chemistry / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. M. Tanaka, The Role of Interfacial Water in Materil /Protein/Cell interactions Design of Biocompatible Materials based on the Intermediate Water Concept, GSBA2021, 2021.10.
2. M. Tanaka, Role of interfacial water in determining the interaction of proteins and cells with hydrated materials, The 4th Aquaphotomics International Conference , 2021.04.
3. M. Tanaka, Design and synthesis of soft biomaterials based on intermediate water concept 基調講演, The International Bioprocessing Association Subject Conference (IBASC-2021), 2021.08.
4. M. Tanaka, Design of Soft-Biomaterials: The “Intermediate Water Concept”, 2019 International conference on Materials Science and Engineering, 2019.12.
5. M. Tanaka, Design of soft-biomaterials based on the interfacial water structure for
advanced medical devices, SOCAIETY FOR BIOMATERIALS 2019 ANNUAL MEETING & EXPOSITION(SFB 2019), 2019.04.
6. 田中 賢, Design of Multi-Functional Biomaterials Based on the Intermediate Water Concept, Scociety fof Biomaterials, USA, 2019.04.