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List of Books
Masaru Tanaka Last modified date:2022.06.22

Professor / Soft-materials chemistry / Department of Soft Materials Chemistry / Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

1. M. Tanaka, Reviews in Glass Transition of Green Polymers and the Role of Bound Water, Polymer Science and Technology Series, Eds H. Hatakayama and T. Hatayeyama, Nova Science Publishers, 2021.10.
2. M. Tanaka, “Bio-inspired Water Structure: Intermediate Water in Hydrated Bio-polymers and Synthetic Bio-compatible Polymers”, World Scientific Series in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Soft Matter and Biomaterials on the Nanoscale, The WSPC Reference on Functional Nanomaterials — Part I Volume 3: Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials: Nanomaterials Built from Biomolecules and Using Bio-derived Principles, World Scientific, 2020.06.
3. M. Tanaka, Design of Multifunctional Soft Biomaterials: Based on the Intermediate Water Concept. New Polymeric Materials Based on Element-Blocks., Springer, 2019.03.