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List of Presentations
Edward Boyle Last modified date:2021.06.28

Assistant Professor / Faculty of Law / Department of Political Science / Faculty of Law

1. エドワード・ボイル, BIG Country Report on Japan, 2nd Borders in Globalization Conference, 2017.12.
2. エドワード・ボイル, Pivoting or Pivoted? Placing Russia today, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, 2018.02.
3. エドワード・ボイル, Contentious Connections: informal markets, formal trade and the geopolitics of connectivity in Northeast India, アジア経済研究所, 2018.11.
4. エドワード・ボイル, Illuminating Edges: Reflecting on the Sino-North Korean Boundary, The 1st International Joint Conference between RCCZ and UBRJ “Macro-Micro Relations in East Asia and Contact Zones: Regime·Crevice·Hybrid in East Asia’s Relations”, 2019.04.
5. エドワード・ボイル, Borders of Memory: War Heritage in Palau and the Yaeyamas, Borders of Memory: War Heritage in Palau and the Yaeyamas, 2019.02.
6. Edward Kieran Boyle, Remapping Japan: Incorporating Maritime Spaces as ‘Integral Territory’, Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference 2018, 2018.03.
7. Edward Kieran Boyle, Puncturing the skin– Connecting Northeast India’s arteries to Dhaka, Naypyidaw, Beijing…and Tokyo, Locating Northeast India, 2018.01.
8. Edward Kieran Boyle, BIG Country Report on Japan, Borders in Globalization 2nd International Conference, 2017.12.
9. Edward Kieran Boyle, Japan, Borders in Globalization 2nd International Conference, 2017.12.
10. Edward Kieran Boyle, Triangulating Frontiers
Northeast Asia as Relational Territory between Russia, China and Japan, Global Frontiers International Winter School, 2017.11.
11. Edward Boyle, Charting Cartographic Exchange, Barry L. Ruderman Conference on Cartography, 2017.10, In the early-1800s, the question of the Japanese island of Karafuto, the northern island in its amorphous and ill-defined Ezo region, was a vital one for Japanese policymakers. Dispute raged on whether or not it was connected to the continent, and what exactly its relation to the mysterious island of ‘Saghalin’ showing up on European and Chinese maps was. A succession of geographers, astronomers and polemicists produced analyses in support of these positions, engaging in a cross-cultural exercise of comparative mapping in order to discern the truth with regards to Sakhalin’s geography. This presentation will allow for a variety of materials utilized in this moment of dialogue between different cartographic traditions to be recovered and for an examination of how this comparative mapping occurred..
12. Edward Kieran Boyle, A Cartographic Melting-Pot: Tracing the development of the maps used by Siebold, Mapping Asia – Cartographic Encounters between East and West, 2017.09.
13. Edward Kieran Boyle, Marginal Investment? Multiscale border effects in India’s Northeast, The 30th Annual Session of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies, 2017.09.
14. Edward Kieran Boyle, The Changing Shape of Japan
'integral territory' and remapping the sovereign body, 15th International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies, 2017.09.
15. Edward Kieran Boyle, Border Layers: peeling back the India-Bangladesh border, Political Geography Specialty Group AAG Pre-Conference, 2017.04.
16. Edward Kieran Boyle, Borders in Japan, Association for Borderlands Studies 2017 Annual Conference, 2017.04.
17. Edward Kieran Boyle, Inaccessible yet integral territory: Japan’s territorial disputes and their sovereign implications, Association of American Geographers 2017 Annual Conference, 2017.04.
18. Edward Kieran Boyle, Island Borderlines: Mapping points of enforcement in the Japanese archipelago, Association for Borderlands Studies 2017 Annual Conference, 2017.04.
19. Edward Kieran Boyle, Cartographic exchange and territorial creation
rewriting northern Japan in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Symposium on the Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge, 2016.10.
20. Edward Kieran Boyle, Mobility and Borders at Scale: Georgia between European and non-European space, ABS Europe Conference, 2016.10.
21. Edward Kieran Boyle, Beyond the borderline: rescaling cross-border linkages in a globalizing Asia, The 33rd International Geographical Congress, 2016.08.
22. Edward Kieran Boyle, Geopolitical pivots and blue national soil: the difficulties of free-flowing territory, The 33rd International Geographical Congress, 2016.08.
23. Edward Kieran Boyle, Local concerns, regional visions, national security: towards a multi-scale theory of borders in Asia, The Second International Conference of Political Geography on Migration and Borders, 2016.08.
24. Edward Kieran Boyle, Securitizing a Deterritorialized Border: Premodern Throwbacks or a Post-Westphalian Asia, IPSA/AISP 24th World Congress of Political Science, 2016.07.
25. Edward Kieran Boyle, Arctic borders in Asia, Joint Workshop on Challenges for a Sustainable Arctic, 2016.04.
26. Edward Kieran Boyle, Examining Japan’s borders under globalization, Association for Borderlands Studies Annual Conference 2016, 2016.04.
27. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, “Scaling the Nation’s Edge: Territorial borders under globalization”, AAG Annual Conference, 2016.03.
28. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, Towards a general theory - Territorial disputes, scaling borders and what’s an Asian border, anyway?, AAG Political Geography Specialty Group Preconference, 2016.03.
29. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, Writing ‘Integral Territory’ into monuments, museums and textbooks: national and local practices of territorial homogenization in Japan, 2016.03.
30. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, Towards a General Theory - Territorial Disputes, Scaling Borders and what’s an Asian Border, Anyway?, 2016.03.
31. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, Border Aesthetics: Art Along/Across Borders, 2015.11.
32. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, EUBORDERSCAPES Seminar on Neighbourhood and Eastern Partnership, 2015.10.
33. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, ‘New Berlin Walls’ and Walling up Sovereignty at the Border, EUGEO, 2015.08.
34. BOYLE EDWARD KIERAN, Japan’s Borders and the Militarization of Sovereignty, International Geographical Union, 2015.08.