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List of Papers
Maiya Hori Last modified date:2021.09.15

Associate Professor / Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research

1. Mohamed A. Abdelwahab, Shizuo Kaji, Maiya Hori, Shigeru Takano, Yutaka Arakawa, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Measuring “Nigiwai” From Pedestrian Movement, IEEE Access, 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3056698, 9, 24859-24871, 2021.02.
2. Kei Hirose, Keigo Wada, Maiya Hori, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Event Effects Estimation on Electricity Demand Forecasting, Energies,, 13, 21, 2020.11.
3. Mohamed A. Abdelwahab, Mohamed Abdel-nasser, Maiya Hori, Reliable and Rapid Traffic Congestion Detection Approach Based on Deep Residual Learning and Motion Trajectories, IEEE Access, 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3028395, 8, 182180-182192, 2020.10.
4. Keita Nakayama, Akira Onoue, Maiya Hori, Atsushi Shimada, Rin ichiro Taniguchi, Movement recommendation system based on multi-spot congestion analytics, Sustainability (Switzerland), 10.3390/su12062417, 12, 6, 2020.03.
5. Naoya Yamaguchi, Maiya Hori, Yoshinari Ideguchi, Minimising the expectation value of the procurement cost in electricity markets based on the prediction error of energy consumption, Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry, 10.1186/s40736-018-0038-7, 2018.08.
6. Hiroki Yoshimura, Maiya Hori, Tadaaki Shimizu, Yoshio Iwai, Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation for Digital Signage Considering Head Pose, Int’l Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, 2015.12.
7. Maiya Hori, Yu Tsuruda, Hiroki Yoshimura, Yoshio Iwai, Expression transmission using exaggerated animation for Elfoid, Frontiers in Psychology, 2015.08.
8. Kenta Hara, Maiya Hori, Noriko Takemura, Yoshio Iwai, Kosuke Sato, Construction of an interpersonal interaction system using a real image-based avatar, IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems, 10.1541/ieejeiss.134.102, 134, 1, 102-111, 2014.01.
9. Alparslan Yildiz, Noriko Takemura, Maiya Hori, Yoshio Iwai, Kosuke Sato, Tracking people with active cameras using variable time-step decisions, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 10.1587/transinf.E97.D.2124, E97-D, 8, 2124-2130, 2014.01.
10. Hiroki Yoshimura, Tadaaki. Shimizu, Maiya Hori, Yoshio Iwai, Satoshi Kishida, EEG Signals Classification by Using an Ensemble TPUnit Neural Networks for the Diagnosis of Epilepsy, Int'l Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, 2012.12.