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List of Papers
Daisuke YASUTAKE Last modified date:2023.12.06

Associate Professor / Department of Agro-environmental Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Matsuda S., Yoshikoshi H., Suzuki T., Ohta Y., Chiba A., Arima H., Kumagai H., Yasutake D., Calculation of the irradiance of solar radiation in a greenhouse with a complex structure using a diagram for sky view factor, Journal of Agricultural Meteorology, 76, 44-52, 2020.04.
2. Yoneda A., Yasutake D. (corresponding author), Hidaka K., Nur I. M., Miyoshi Y., Kitano M. and Okayasu T., Effects of supplemental lighting during the period of rapid fruit development on the growth, yield, and energy use efficiency in strawberry plant production, International Agrophysics, 34, 233-239, 2020.04.
3. Nomura K., Takada A., Kunishige H., Ozaki Y., Okayasu T., Yasutake D. and Kitano M., Long-term and continuous measurement of canopy photosynthesis and growth of spinach, Environmental Control in Biology, 58, 21-29, 2020.04.
4. Kimura k., Yasutake D., Yamanami A. and Kitano M., Spatial examination of leaf-boundary-layer conductance using artificial leaves for assessment of light airflow within a plant canopy under different controlled greenhouse conditions, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 280, 107773, 2020.02.
5. Nomura K., Yamasaki Y., Takada A., Kunishige H.,Yasutake D. and Kitano M., A new method of evaluating gas fluxes in a closed chamber system with theoretical consideration for dynamic characteristics of a concentration sensor, Environmental Control in Biology, 57, in press, 2019.07.
6. Yokoyama G., Yasutake D., Tanizaki T. and Kitano M., Leaf wetting mitigates midday depression of photosynthesis in tomato plants, Photosynthetica, in press, 2019.07.
7. Nabeshima S., Yasutake D. and Kitano M., Hybrid vigor induced by cross-breeding enhances canopy photosynthesis and fruit yield of Japanese sweet pepper, Environmental Control in Biology, , 57, 29-38, 2019.04.
8. Hidaka K., Miyoshi Y., Ishii S., Suzuki N., Yin Y., Kurita K., Nagao K., Araki T., Yasutake D., Kitano M. and Kawachi N., Dynamic analysis of photosynthate translocation into strawberry fruits using non-invasive 11C-labeling supported with conventional destructive measurements using 13C-labeling, Frontiers in Plant Science, 10.3389/fpls.2018.01946, 2019.01, イチゴ果実への転流動態を放射性同位体11CとPETISを利用して可視化した.光合成によって葉に吸収されたCは,約1時間で果実まで移行した.その移行特性を,果実の成熟状態,果実サイズ,果実のシンク強度と関連付けて解析した..
9. Hidaka K., Miyoshi Y., Okamoto A., Dan K., Imamura H., Takayama T., Yasutake D. and Kitano M., Effect of fruit gas exchange on photosynthate accumulation and fruit growth of strawverries, Acta Horticulturae, 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1156.76, 1156, 509-515, 2018.09.
10. Yasutake D., Yokoyama G., Maruo K., Wu Y., Wang W., Mori M., Kitano M., Analysis of leaf wetting effects on gas exchanges of corn using a whole-plant chamber system, Plant, Soil and Environment, 64, 5, 2018.05.
11. Yokoyama G., Yasutake D. and Kitano M., A preliminary experiment on the effects of leaf wetting on gas exchange in tomato leaves, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.56.13, 56, 1, 13-16, 2018.01.
12. Akao S., Yasutake D., Kondo K., Nagare H., Maeda M. and Fujiwara T., Effects of cultivation period on catch crop chemical composition and potential for bioenergy production, Industrial Crops & Products, 10.1016/j.indcrop.2017.11.039, 111, 797-793, 2017.11, 温室農業における環境保全技術として期待されるクリーニングクロップに対して,その付加価値利用について糖含量,栄養塩含量,およびバイオエタノール生産利用の観点から経済性も含めての検討を行った.現状ではバイオエタノール生産には適さないが,高密植栽培などによって課題を解決できる余地があることが示された..
13. Miyoshi Y., Hidaka K., Okayasu T., Yasutake D. and Kitano M., Effects of local CO2 enrichment on strawberry cultivation during the winter season, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.55.165, 55, 4, 165-170, 2017.10.
14. Yasutake D., Tanioka H., Ino A., Takahashi A., Yokoyama T., Mori M., Kitano M. and Miyauchi K., Dynamic evaluation of natural ventilation characteristics of a greenhouse with CO2 enrichment, Academia Journal of Agricultural Research, 10.15413/ajar.2017.0164, 5, 10, 312-319, 2017.10.
15. Kimura K., Yasutake D., Nakazono K. and Kitano M., Dynamic distribution of thermal effects of an oscillating frost protective fan in a tea field, Biosystems Engineering, 164, 98-109, 2017.09.
16. Kimura K., Yasutake D., Miyoshi Y., Yamanami A., Daiou K., Ueno H., Kitano M., Leaf boundary layer conductance in a tomato canopy under the convective effect of circulating fans in a greenhouse heated by an air duct heater, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.54.125, 54, 3, 171-176, 2017.07.
17. Yasutake D., Miyaushi K., Mori M., Kitano M., Ino A., Takahashi A., Multiple effects of CO2 concentration and humidity on leaf gas exchanges of sweet pepper in the morning and afternoon, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.54.177, 54, 3, 177-181, 2017.07.
18. Miyoshi Y., Hidaka T., Hidaka K., Okayasu T., Yasutake D., Kitano M., Dynamics of photosynthate loading in strawberries affected by light condition on source leaves, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.55.53, 55, 1, 53-58, 2017.01.
19. Yasutake D., Kondo K., Yamane S., Kitano M., Mori M., Fujiwara T., Comprehensive analysis of soil nitrogen removal by catch crops based on growth and water use, International Agrophysics, 10.1515/intag-2015-0097, 30, 3, 383-390, 2016.07.
20. Nomiyama R., Yasutake D., Sago Y., Mori M., Tagawa K., Cho H., Wu Y., Wang W., KITANO Masaharu, Evapotranspiration integrated model for analysis of soil salinization affected by root selective absorption, Environmental Control in Biology, 10.2525/ecb.53.199, 53, 4, 199-204, 2015.12.
21. Yasutake D., Mori M., Kitano M., Nomiyama R., Miyoshi Y., Hisaeda D., Cho H., Tagawa K., Wu Y., Wang W., Night-time leaf wetting process and its effect on the morning humidity gradient as a driving force of transpirational water loss in a semi-arid cornfield, Biologia, 10.1515/biolog-2015-0175, 70, 11, 1485-1489, 2015.11.
22. Yasutake D., Awata K., Kondo K., Yamane S., Matsuoka M., Maeda M., Nagare H., Nomiyama R., Sago Y., Kitano M., Fujiwara T., Advantages of pre-harvest temporal flooding in a catch crop field in relation to soil moisture and nutrient salt removal by root uptake, Biologia, 69, 12, 1577-1584, 2014.12.
23. Yasutake D., Yu X., Asano T., Ishikawa M., Mori M., Kitano M., Ishikawa K., Control of greenhouse humidity and airflow with fogging and circulation systems and its effect on leaf conductance in cucumber plants, Environmental Control in Biology, 52, 2, 101-105, 2014.06.
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26. Kimura K., Yasutake D., Koikawa K. and Kitano M., Spatiotemporal variability of leaf photosynthesis and its linkage with microclimates across an environment-controlled greenhouse, Biosystems Engineering,, 195, 97-115, 2010.05.