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Akiko Satake Last modified date:2022.11.07

Professor / dynamic biology / Department of Biology / Faculty of Sciences

1. Chihiro Myotoishi, Ai Nagahama, Hiroyuki Akiyama, Tetsukazu Yahara, Difference in bryophyte species richness between ten sites with different altitudes, microenvironments, and vascular plant species richness, The 9th East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies International Congress (9th EAFES), 2021.07.
2. Sou Tomimoto, Akiko Satake, Modeling mutation accumulation and expansion in long-lived trees with complex branching structure, Society for Mathematical Biology 2021 annual meeting, 2021.06.
3. Yuta Aoyagi, Junko Kusumi, Akiko Satake, The role of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase in longevity in trees: comprehensive analyses of copy number variations in DNA repair genes using the genome database, Secrets of stem cells underlying longevity and persistent growth in plants, 2021.04.
4. Yuta Aoyagi, Junko Kusumi, Akiko Satake, Do tree have high DNA repair ability?: Comparison analyses of copy number of DNA repair genes across plants, 2020 Ecology Society of America Annual Meeting, 2020.08.
5. Akiko Satake, Phase response of plant circadian clocks leads to robust metabolic rhythms under seasonal variations in day lengt, Forum Math-for Industry 2019, 2019.11.
6. Akiko Satake, Testing the environmental prediction hypothesis for general flowering using flowering phenology data monitored at the Pasoh Forest Reserve in Malaysia, 56th Annual meeting of the ASSOCIATION FOR TROPICAL BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION, 2019.08.
7. Akiko Satake, Unravelling floweringu phenology shift under climate warming by field transcriptome, SEB’s Annual Meeting in Seville, Spain, 2019.07.
8. Akiko Satake, Flowering Season in Aseasonal Tropical Rain Forests, Clocks in Model Organisms: Circadian Networks, Physiology and Health , 2019.06.
9. Akiko Satake, Comparative field transcriptomics in trees, International Symposium: Principles of pluripotent stem cells underlying plant vitality, 2019.05.
10. Akiko Satake, Field transcriptome revealed a novel relationship between nitrate transport and flowering in Japanese beech, 6th Taiwan-Japan Ecology workshop, 2018.11.
11. Akiko Satake, Unravelling molecular basis for masting using transcriptome analysis and mathematical modeling, 2018 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology, 2018.07.
12. Akiko Satake, Assessment of plant phenological responses in the tropics based on gene expression analyses and mathematical modeling, ASSOCIATION FOR TROPICAL BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION 2018, 2018.07.
13. Akiko Satake, Flowring in Trees, 2018 Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, 2018.05, There is an increasing potential to incorporate recent advances in our understanding of molecular-genetic pathways of flowering-time regulation to forecast the flowering phenology shift in response to rising temperatures. We developed models that integrate temperature and photoperiod signals into the network of floral regulatory genes, and predicted the shortening of flowering duration under warming based on the expression dynamics of major flowering-time genes in the perennial herb. The model predictions were tested experimentally by common garden experiments..
14. Akiko Satake, Predicting flowering season of forest ecosystems from gene expression monitoring, Kyoto prize workshop, 2017.11.
15. Akiko Satake, Flowering phenology of seasonal and aseasonal forests, Taiwan Japan Plant Biology, 2017.11.
16. Akiko Satake, Coordinated timing of gene expression in response to seasonal environmental change in trees, Annual Meeting of Population Ecology, 2017.10.
17. Satake Akiko, Understanding physiological mechanisms of mass flowering by gene expression assessment, 2016.11.
18. Akiko Satake, The epigenetic memory of winter in flowering plants, Forum "Math-for-Industry" Biology, Agriculture and Environment, 2016.11.
19. Akiko Satake, Parameterization and validation of a resource budget model for masting using spatiotemporal flowering data of individual trees, 日本数理生物学会年大会, 2016.09.
20. Akiko Satake, Phase response of plant circadian clocks leads to robust metabolic rhythms under seasonal variations in day length., Max Plank Institute of Plant Molecular Physiology Seminar, 2016.05.
21. Akiko Satake, Flowering phenology under seasonal and aseasonal environments: gene expression assessment in the temperate and tropical zones, Max Plank Institute for Plant Breeding Research Seminar, 2016.05.
22. Akiko Satake, Flowering Phenology under Seasonal and Aseasonal Environments: Gene Expression Assessment in the Temperate and Tropical Zones, The 64th NIBB Conference: Evolution of Seasonal Timers, 2016.04.
23. Akiko Satake, Exploring the mechanism of mass flowering using long-term dipterocarp phenology data, 100th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of America, 2015.08, [URL].