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Taichi Itoh Last modified date:2024.05.20

Associate Professor / Division for Experimental Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. 伊藤太一, 睡眠の進化と生理学的意義:下等生物(ヒドラ)から哺乳類まで., 第101回日本生理学会大会, 2024.03.
2. T.Q. Itoh, Hydra sleep without a brain, The 45th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Sleep Research / The 30th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Chronobiology, 2023.09.
3. Geunha Choi, Terézia K. Geisseová, Aya Sato, Junko Kusumi, Taichi Q. Itoh, and Chunghun Lim, Zinc acts as an evolutionarily conserved sleep driver, Korean Drosophila Society, 2023.06.
4. T.Q. Itoh, A sleep-like state in Hydra unravels conserved sleep mechanisms., SLEEP 2021, the 35th annual meeting of the APSS, 2021.06.
5. T.Q. Itoh, Circadian and sleep behavior in clockless and brainless animal Hydra., The 2nd Korean Biological Rhythm Society Symposium, 2021.02.
6. Taichi Q. Itoh, Hydra vulgaris exhibits a sleep-like state induced by melatonin, Symposium on insect chronobiology, 2019.02.
7. ショウジョウバエ歩行活動に対する加齢の影響.
8. Diurnal changing in consumption of amino acids in Drosophila melanogaster.
9. 伊藤太一, 内園駿, 田吹由美, 川口夏海, 谷村禎一, Diurnal changing in feeding amount of amino acids in Drosophila melanogaster, 第12回日本ショウジョウバエ研究会(JDRC12), 2016.09.
10. Gr64a–f genes contribute to the variation of fructose sensitivity in natural population of Drosophila melanogaster.
11. F. Xu, T.Q. Itoh, E. Kula-Eversole, A. Hutchison, K. White, A. Dinner, R. Allada, Circadian Clocks Modulate Huntington’s Disease via Stress Response Pathways., Society for Research on Biological Rhythms meeting., 2016.05.
12. F. Xu, T.Q. Itoh, E. Kula-Eversole, A Hutchison, P. Jiang, K. White, A. Dinner, R. Allada, Molecular Pathways Linking Circadian Clocks and Neurodegeneration Diseases., Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences, Biological Rhythms, 2015.10.
13. T.Q. Itoh, A. Hutchison, F. Xu, K. White, A. Dinner, R. Allada, Biochronicity Applications to Neurodegenerative Disease: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Ataxin2., DARPA Biochronicity Program Midpoint Review, 2014.01.
14. ウリミバエPERによるキイロショウジョウバエper0;tim0の周期性の回復.
15. A membrane-bound transporter controls the circadian transcription of clock genes in Drosophila. International Symposium “Designing the circadian clock.
16. ABCトランスポーターによるショウジョウバエ概日時計の制御.
17. T.Q. Itoh, T. Tanimura, A. Matsumoto, E23 controls Drosophila circadian rhythm to modulate the clock gene vrille expression through a molting steroid hormone response. Neurobiology of Drosophila., Neurobiology of Drosophila, 2011.10.
18. M. Shimohigashi, T.Q. Itoh, T. Honda, H. Tsuzuki, M. Saito, K, Koga K, Takahashi A. Matsushima, R. Ueda, T. Tanimura, H. Nakagawa, A. Matsumoto, Y. Shimohigashi, PAP peptide coded in pdf gene is necessary to persist the circadian locomotor rhythm in insect., 3rd Asia-Pacific International Peptide Symposium (APIPS 2009), 2009.11.
19. 環境ホルモン・ビスフェノールA暴露によるショウジョウバエの行動リズム変異.
20. bHLH‐ORANGEファミリー遺伝子による時計遺伝子の発現調節.
21. ショウジョウバエを実験モデルとした環境ホルモン・ビスフェノールAの継代試験.
22. bHLH‐ORANGEファミリー遺伝子による時計遺伝子の発現調節.
23. ショウジョウバエ歩行活動リズムの形成にペプチドPAPが必須である.
24. Taichi Q. Itoh, Kuniaki Takahashi, Maki Ukai-Tadenuma, Hiroki R. Ueda, Ryu Ueda, Teiichi Tanimura, Akira Matsumoto, CWO negatively regulates circadian transcription with bHLH-ORANGE family genes, The 12th European Drosophila Neurobiology Conference (Neurofly 2008), 2008.09.
25. Rikuhiro Yamada, Akira Matsumoto, Maki T. Ukai, Jerry Houl, Kenichiro Uno, Takeya Kasukawa, Brigitte Dauwalder, Taichi Itoh, Paul Hardin, Teiichi Tanimura, Hiroki Ueda, A functional genomics strategy reveals clockwork orange as a transcriptional regulator in the Drosophila circadian clock, NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH, 2008.01.
26. T.Q. Itoh, K. Takahashi, R. Ueda, T. Tanimura, A. Matsumoto, A functional genomics strategy reveals half-type ABC transporters regulate circadian rhythm in Drosophila, International Symposium “Comprehensive understanding of diverse biological timing mechanism”, 2007.11.