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List of Presentations
ZHANG YANFANG Last modified dateļ¼š2024.06.03

Associate Professor / Department of Strategic Design / Faculty of Design

1. Tokushu Inamura Yanfang Zhang Shinichiro Ito, Practices of Awareness implemented in Remote Online Design Workshops : Mindfulness, Sound Meditation and Taichi during the Global Goals Jam, ADADA+CUMULUS, 2020.12.
2. Yanfang Zhang Ito Shinichiro Tokushu Inamura, Developing a Process to Conduct Online Participatory Design Workshops for Diverse Participants, ADADA+CUMULUS, 2020.12.
3. Shinichiro Ito Yanfang Zhang Tokushu Inamura, Designing Design Education Programs for the SDGs in the Age of COVID-19, ADADA+CUMULUS, 2020.12.