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Sakai Kumiko Last modified date:2024.05.21

Assistant Professor / Women's and Community Health Nursing / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Kime Fujita Noriko Watanabe Mika Nagafuchi Miho Shikasyo Ayaka Ono Daisaku Ikeda Mina Matsumura Aoi Kubo Satomi Tanaka Kumiko Sakai Asako OkadomeAyaka Kayano Teppei Jinno, Development of a Perioperative Oral Assessment Tool for Head and Neck Cancer, 27th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars, 2024.03.
2. Kumiko Sakai,Toshiko Himeno, Assessment of oral condition of bedridden older people with no oral intake, using OHAT-J, moistness, and bacterial counts
, 26th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars 2023, 2023.03.
3. 中尾 久子, Yumiko Kinoshita, 金岡 麻希, 潮 みゆき, 酒井 久美子, 前野 里子, 藤田 君支, Difficulties by Nurses Providing Decision-Making Support for Patients
with Acute Care Hospital Cancer Patients in Japan
, The2nd Asia-Pacific Nursing Research Conference, 2017.08.
4. 平川義大, 吉川由香里, 大村由紀美, 酒井 久美子, Essential Knowledge for Hospital-Based Nurse Educators Engaged in Off-the-Job Training : Content Analysis of Open Responses to a Nationwide Survey in Japan, 20th World Nursing Education Conference, 2017.05, The goal of this study was to investigate essential knowledge for hospital-based nurse educators delivering off-the-job training (Off-JT Nurse Educators). An anonymous self-administered questionnaire survey was distributed to 647 Off-JT Nurse Educators at 218 hospitals with more than 400 beds, and 337 questionnaires were returned. Valid free description responses were entered on 159 questionnaires yielding 484 entries. These entries were categorized and verified by two researchers with Off-JT experience. Inter-rater agreement using kappa coefficients was confirmed for the Off-JT Nurse Educators. The kappa coefficients indicating the percent identity of the categories were 0.775 and 0.722. The 484 entries were sorted into 31 categories. The category of "knowledge of planning, operation, and evaluating educational programs" had the most entries (n = 82). "Basic theory of education, including educational principles, learning theories, and adult education" was the next largest category with 66 entries, followed by "knowledge and skills of educational techniques and teaching methods related to lectures and exercises" with 46 entries. Our data indicate two trends. First, these three categories could be considered essential to the training of Off-JT Nurse Educators by current Off-JT Nurse Educators. Second, the fact that 31 categories were extracted means that it is necessary for Off-JT Educators to acquire a variety of knowledge and skills..
5. 藤田 君支, Yumiko Kinoshita, 金岡 麻希, 潮 みゆき, 前野 里子, 酒井 久美子, 中尾 久子, Five-year follow-up study of the Euro-QOL-5 dimension(EQD)for Japanese patients after total hip arthroplasty, The 20th EAFONS, 2017.03.