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Douglas Robert Drummond Last modified dateļ¼š2019.06.10

Professor / Attached Promotive Center for International Education and Research of Agriculture / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Douglas Drummond Naomi Sheppard Robert Cross, Zymoseptoria tritici fungal tubulin has unusual properties, Biophysical Society of Japan, 2017.09.
2. Douglas Robert Drummond, Frauke Hussmann, Daniel R Peet, Douglas S Martin, Robert A Cross, Alp7/TACC-Alp14/TOG protein complex promotes assembly of S. pombe microtubules, Biophysical Society of Japan, 2016.11, [URL], Purified tubulins will self-assemble to form dynamic microtubules (MTs), however MT dynamics are normally modulated by MT associated proteins in vivo. We have used darkfield microscopy to measure the dynamics of MTs assembled from purified S. pombe yeast tubulin in vitro and found MT growth rates were reduced compared to those we previously observed in live S. pombe cells. However, Alp14 a TOG-family MT plus end tracking protein can accelerate S. pombe MT assembly both in vivo and in vitro. We also found that the Alp14 binding protein Alp7/TACC was essential for this function in vivo. TIRF microscopy in vitro showed that Alp7 increases the occupancy of Alp14 on MT ends. Together Alp7 and Alp14 promote MT formation at the low concentrations of tubulin found in vivo.