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Matsushima Shoji Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Research Institute of Angiocardiology / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Matsushima S, Hexosamine biosynthesis pathway is a novel therapeutic target for cardiac remodeling, 第85回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2021.03.
2. Matsushima S, Miyake R, Tsutsui Y, Ishikita A, Sada M, Yamamoto T, Enzan N, Nishimura R, Toyohara T, Tsutsui H, The role of endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, 2020.11.
3. Matsushima S, Novel Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Quality Control in Heart Failure, 84th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, 2020.08.
4. Matsushima S, Soichiro Ikeda, Kosuke Okabe, Akihito Ishikita, Junichi Sadoshima, Tsutsui H, Fyn Regulates Subcellular Redox Signaling in Cardiac Remodeling, 第82回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2018.03.
5. Matsushima S, Okabe K, Ikeda S, Ishikita A, Tadokoro T, Ikeda M, Ide T, Sadoshima J, Tsutsui, Fyn is a novel regulator of subcellular redox signaling in cardiac remodeling and heart failure, The 34th Annual Meeting of the ISHR Japanese Section, 2017.12.
6. Matsushima S, Kaku H, Ide T, Makaya M, Tsutsui H, AMED dHCM investigators, A multi-center observational study of dilated phase of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, 第21回日本心不全学会学術集会, 2017.10.