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List of Presentations
SUNGJUN YOO Last modified date:2023.06.07

Associate Professor / Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Transdisciplinary Energy Research

1. Yutaro Kyuma,Sung-Jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Mathematical modeling of photocatalytic oxidation process of toluene for building material with locally doped titanium dioxide, CSS-EEST 2018, 2018.11.
2. Yujin Kang, Sung-jun Yoo, Kazuhide Ito, Transient analysis of formaldehyde diffusion in confined desiccator considering the change of diffusivity in three-component gas mixture, CSS-EEST 2018, 2018.11.
3. Alicia Murga,Sung-Jun Yoo,川本陽一,伊藤一秀, Multi-Stage Downscaling Predictions of Exposure Concentrations for Health Impact Assessment, 空気調和・衛生工学会九州支部学術研究発表会, 2015.09.
4. Sung-Jun Yoo, Toshiyuki Matsuo, Nguyen Lu Phuong and Kazuhide Ito, Development of Computer Simulated Person with Thermo-Regulation and Numerical Airway Model, YSRIM 2014, 2014.02.
5. Sung-Jun Yoo, Kauzhide Ito, Development of Computer Simulated Person Integrated Thermo-Regulation and Respiratory Air Tract Models for IEQ Assessment, 10th International Symposium on Novel Carbon Resource Sciences, 2013.12.