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Hiroki NAGASHIMA Last modified date:2021.07.01

Professor / Research Center for Korean Studies

1. Thought conversion and 'Proper guidance' under the Probation system in colonial Korea.
2. The restructure of "true and correct national language" in late-colonial Korea.
3. Preservation and the succession of 'old customs' under the period of Japanese general resident and government general's administration in Korea.
4. Tangle of the Japanese Imperial Household Ministry and Yi Household over Two Ediing Gojong's Veritable Records.
5. Hiroki NAGASHIMA, The Compilation of the Annals of the Korean Emperors Kojong and Sunjong by the Japanese Imperial Household Library and the Yi Royal Household, ACTA ASIATICA, 114, 43-65, 2018.03.