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List of Papers
Hiroko Ikuta Last modified date:2022.06.23

Associate Professor / The International Student Center

1. Kenji Yoshikawa, Alexey A. Maslakov, Gleb Kraev, Hiroko Ikuta, Vladimir E. Romanovsky, J. Craig George, Anna E. Klene and Kelsey E. Nyland, Food Storage in Permafrost and Seasonally Frozen Ground in Chukotka and Alaska Communities, Arctic, 75, 2, 225-241, 2022.06.
2. Hiroko Ikuta, Political Strategies for the Historical Victory in Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling in the Alaskan Arctic: The International Whaling Commission Meeting in Brazil, 2018., Kishigami, N. ed. World Whaling: Historical and Contemporary Studies. Senri Ethnological Studies., 104, 209-223, 2021.03.
3. Hiroko Ikuta, Embodied Knowledge, Relations with the Environment, and Political Negotiation: St. Lawrence Island Yupik and Iñupiaq Dance in Alaska, Arctic Anthropology, 10.1353/arc.2011.0109, 48, 1, 54-65, 2011.01.
4. Hiroko Ikuta, Eskimo Language and Eskimo Song in Alaska: A Sociolinguistics of Deglobalisation in Endangered Language, Pragmatics, 10.1075/prag.20.2.03iku, 20, 2, 171-189, 2010.01.
5. Hiroko Ikuta, Iñupiaq Pride: Kivgiq/ Messenger Feast on the Alaskan North Slope., Études/Inuit/Studies, 31, 1-2, 343-364, 2007.05.