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Sato Yoko Last modified date:2021.07.07

Assistant Professor / Women's and Community Health Nursing / Department of Health Sciences / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Yoko Sato, Yuki Nakamichi, Kumiko Adachi, Davassuren Serdamba, Badarch Jargalsaikhan, Utako Yamamoto, Kiyoko Okamoto, Hatsumi Taniguchi, Mongolian mothers: Nationwide trial of maternal obesity prevention campaign using pamphlet and mobile App
, The 8th Hong Kong International Nursing Forum, 2018.12, The Japanese Midwives Association (JMA) and Mongolian Midwives Association (MMA) began a collaborative research (ICM Twinning Project) with active research starting in 2016, to clarify the Mongolian midwives’ & mothers’ recognition of obesity during pregnancy, and to consider methods for supporting their healthcare. In 2018 we conducted the 2nd National Consciousness Survey.
The proportion of mothers receiving nutritional guidance increased, with the pregnant women's obesity prevention pamphlet & the App used at high rates. However, the proportion of those unconcerned about weight gain has not changed, and it is necessary to examine specific midwifery support methods to promote maternal behavioral change in the future..