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LOH LEON Last modified date:2023.09.20

Assistant Professor / Department of Design Futures / Faculty of Design

1. Leon LOH, History and Current Status of Design in Singapore, History of Design and Design Law, Springer Singapore,, 2022.04, This chapter describes the beginning of industrial and product design in Singapore—from self-governance to achieving the status of a UNESCO Creative City of Design. The growth of industrial and product design in Singapore can be attributed to Singapore Government initiatives to set up systems and infrastructure to facilitate that growth. Through foreign collaborations, development of local talent and the creation of a favourable environment, industrial and product design has grown from zero to a vibrant and creative community that supports Singapore’s aspiration to be an innovation-driven economy and a ‘loveable city’..
2. LOH Wei Leong (ロウ ワイ リオン), What can be considered as the fundamentals of university design education?
, Can we design design education?: International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Design Education. (デザイン教育をどうデザインするか?:デザイン教育の質保証国際シンポジウム), 2018.03.