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List of Presentations
Takahiko KUBO Last modified date:2023.07.18

Associate Professor / Division of Systems Bioengineering / Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology / Faculty of Agriculture

1. Tran Hong Quan, Ammar Elakhdar, Hiroaki Matsusaka, Tomokazu Ushijima,Takahiko Kubo, Toshirhiro Kumamaru, Identification of genomic region harboring Endosperm Storage Protein (ESP) 3 gene regulating the Cysteine-rich prolamine by MutMap., 日本育種学会 第14回九州育種談話会, 2019.11.
2. Tho N.T.P., Nakamura T., Kumamaru T., and Kubo T., Characterization of a new gene involved in starch metabolism of rice, 日本育種学会, 2019.09.
3. Rahma S.N.A.F, Kumamaru T., and Kubo T., Fine-mapping of INK gene responsible for hybrid male sterility in rice, 日本育種学会, 2019.09.
4. Nguyen Thi Phuong Tho, Tetsuhiro Nakamura, Toshirhiro Kumamaru, Takahiko Kubo, Characterization of a new sugary gene in rice, JSB branch meeting, 2018.12.
5. Kubo Takahiko, Atsushi Yoshimura, Nori Kurata, Dissecting genetic networks underlying F1 hybrid sterility and hybrid breakdown in rice., Plant Genome Evolution, 2017.10.
6. Kubo T., Genetic network of hybrid sterility in an indica-japonica cross., Workshop on the Nature of Reproductive Barriers in Rice, 2016.09.