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List of Presentations
Hirofumi Sasahira Last modified date:2020.01.27

Associate Professor / Department of Mathematics / Faculty of Mathematics

1. 笹平 裕史, Seiberg-Witten-Floer stable homotopy type for 3-manifolds with positive first Betti number, 第1回日独友好幾何学研究集会 , 2019.09.
2. 笹平 裕史, Seiberg-Witten equations and topology, Geometry, Topology and Dynamics seminar, 2019.01.
3. 笹平 裕史, Unfolded Seiberg-Witten stable homotopy type, Australia-Japan Geometry, Analysis and their applications, 2017.01.
4. 笹平 裕史, Spin structures on Seiberg-Witten moduli spaces, The joint Los Angeles topology seminar , 2015.04.
5. 笹平 裕史, Twisted Donaldson invariants, Spring operator algebra program, 2018.04.
6. 笹平 裕史, Analytic construction of spectral section, Gauge theory in Fukuoka, 2018.02.
7. 笹平 裕史, Twisted Donaldson invariants, Advances in non commutative geometry, 2017.05.