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List of Presentations
Yoshikazu Sato Last modified date:2021.05.22

Professor / Admission Center

1. Sugawara, R., Okuhara, S., Fukuyama, Y., & Sato, Y., Exploratory study on correlations between students' characteristics and effects in the case of online learning on university students, The 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication(ICAIIC), 2020.02.
2. Sugawara, R., Okuhara, S., & Sato, Y., Study on the learning habits and effects in learners engaged in e-learning, 2020 The 7th International Conference on Education and Psychological Sciences(ICEPS), 2020.01.
3. Sato, Y. & Shibayama, T., Linkability Analysis Focused on Reliability of Linked Scores, NCME 2018 Annual Meeting in New York, NY, 2018.04.
4. Sato, Y., “Equating by subtest scores” strategy for JLSAT scoring, Law School Admission Council, 2014.03.
5. Sato, Y., Relationship between JLSAT scores, law school grades, and bar exam results, Law School Admission Council, 2014.03.