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Yoshihiro Baba Last modified date:2022.06.02

Professor / Department of Molecular and Structural Biology / Medical Institute of Bioregulation

1. Yoshihiro Baba, Regulatory function of B cells in autoimmune inflammation, The 7th IFReC International Symposium "Immunology at the Forefront" , 2016.01.
2. Yoshihiro Baba, Essential role of Ca2+ influx in B cell regulatory function, 日中韓免疫シンポジウム, 2011.12.
3. Yoshihiro Baba, Physiological function for store-operated calcium entry in immune response, The 2nd International Symposium of WPI-IFReC 世界トップレベル研究拠点大阪大学免疫学フロンティア研究センター第2回国際シンポジウム, 2009.02.
4. Yoshihiro Baba, Yokota T., Kincade PW., Constitutive Signaling via the Wnt/b-catenin Pathway Disrupts Differentiation and Confers Multi-lineage Differentiation on Lympho-Myeloid Progenitors, EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY'05 (FASEB MEETING), 2005.04.