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List of Reports
Kitsuki Akinori Last modified date:2021.10.08

Associate Professor / Division for Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Isono Sadoko, Adenantera Dwicaksono, Herlina Wati, Akinori Kitsuki, Alexander Ryota Keeley, Takeshi Matsushita, Yulia Indrawati Sari, Fadhli Illhami, Sentanu Hidrakusuma, Study on the Impact of Renewable Energy Off-Grid Projects on the Livelihood of the People in the Sites, The Global Green Growth Institute, 2020.12.
2. Kitsuki.A, and T. Sakurai, “Seasonal Consumption Smoothing in Rural Zambia”, Annual Report of Resilience Project, 2011.01.
3. Sakurai.T, A. Nasuda, A. Kitsuki, K. Miura, T. Yamauchi, and H. Kanno , “Vulnerability and Resilience of Household Consumption and their Determinants”, Annual Report of Resilience Project, 2011.01.