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List of Papers
Kitsuki Akinori Last modified date:2021.10.08

Associate Professor / Division for Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Soichiro Maruta, Akinori Kitsuki, Shunsuke Managi, Perceived Arrival Time of Disaster Relief Supplies Matters for Household Preparedness for Natural Disasters, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change,, 4, 365-384, 2020.07.
2. Akinori Kitsuki, "A Note on the Theoretical Framework for Seasonal Consumption Patterns in Developing Countries", Economics Bulletin, 37, 4, 2309-2314, 2017.10.
3. Smith. P.J., B. Jamiyansuren, A. Kitsuki, J. Yang, and J. Lee, “Determinants of Comparative Advantage in GMO Intensive Industries”, World Trade Review, 17, 3, 427-449, 2017.07.
4. Sakurai.T, A. Nasuda, A. Kitsuki, K. Miura, T. Yamauchi, and H. Kanno, "Measuring Resilience of Household Consumption : The Case of the Southern Province of Zambia", Journal of Rural Economics, 393-400, 2011.12.
5. Akinori Kitsuki, “A General Analysis of the 2004 Farm Survey Data and of the Impact of Drought”, ICCAP Publication 6, 88-90, 2005.03.