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Emiko Hiyama Last modified date:2020.03.05

Professor / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Emiko Hiyama, Structure of \Xi hypernuclei and \Xi N interaction, HADRON 2017, 2017.09, [URL], It is important to study \Xi N interaction in hypernuclear physics. However, due to no \Xi N scattering data, it is essentail to study \Xi hypernuclei. Recently, we observed a \Xi hypernuclues,called as Kiso event, to have a bound state for the first time. From this data, we found that \Xi N interaction should be attractive. In this conference, we discuss that what kind of \Xi N interaction should be obtained from the data and in the future what kinds of \Xi hypernuclei we should have at J-PARC facility..
2. Emiko Hiyama, Structure of few-body light Λ hypernuclei, The 7th Asia pacific conference on few-body problem in physics, 2017.08, [URL].
3. , [URL].
4. Emiko Hiyama, Calculation of NNΞ and NNNΞ systems, The 13th International Conference on Hypernuclear and strange particle Physics, 2018.06, [URL].
5. Emiko Hiyama, structure of light p-shell Ξ hypernuclei, The 13th International Conference on Hypernuclear and strange particle Physics, 2018.06, [URL].
6. Emiko Hiyama , Recent progress of few-body problems in Physics, International Conference on Simplicity, Symmetry and Beauty of Atomic Nuclei, 2018.09, [URL].
7. Emiko Hiyama , Recent progress of hypernucler physics, APS-JPS joint meeting, 2018.10, [URL].
8. Emiko Hiyama, Structure of light hypernuclei, International wokrshop on Universal Physics in Many-Body Quantum Systems--From Atoms to Quarks--, 2018.12, [URL].
9. Emiko Hiyama, Future Prospect in hypernuclear physics using HIAF, international workshop on "HIAF High-Energy Beam Line Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics, 2018.12, 重イオン反応を用いたハイパー核生成の可能性について講演した。.
10. Emiko Hiyama, structure of light s-shell Ξ hypernuclei, 57th International Winter meeting on Nuclear physics , 2019.01, [URL].
11. Emiko Hiyama, Five-body structure of pentaquark, Korea-Japan joint workshop on the present and future in Hadron Physics at J-PARC, 2019.03, [URL].
12. Emiko Hiyama, Structure of light Ξ hypernuclei with modern ΞN

, Nuclear Structure at the Crossroads" (INT 19-2a), 2019.07, [URL].
13. Emiko Hiyama, Five–body structure of ssscc system, Perspectives in Hadron Physics, 2019.09, [URL], We introduce the structure of ssscc system which has never been observed, within
the framework of the constituent quark model. Then, we will discuss whether or not
we have compact sharp resonant states which are genuine pentaquark systems..
14. Emiko Hiyama, Structure of Xi hypernuclei with modern Xi-N interaction, Universal Physics in Many-Body Quantum Systems—From Atoms to Quarks, 2019.10, [URL], Abstract:
The workshop provides an interdisciplinary setting to discuss recent advances and challenges for physicists working on a wide range of systems, ranging from quarks and hadrons to cold atoms and molecules. Universality is now recognized as a common feature of strongly interacting quantum systems, independent of the details of the interaction at short distances. It is expected to provide a basis for the solution of many quantum phenomena in few- and many-body systems. We will discuss individual problems in the different research areas from the universal point of view such as Efimov physics and weakly-bound states, resonances, and BEC-BCS crossover. We also discuss correlations and emergent phenomena such as the formation of clusters in many-body systems.